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Why Does the Summer ‘Museum Craze’ Continue to Heat Up? Exploring the Factors Behind its Popularity

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Why Does the Summer ‘Museum Craze’ Continue to Heat Up? Exploring the Factors Behind its Popularity

Title: Summer Museum Craze Continues to Heat Up as Visitors Flock to Historical Exhibits

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In recent weeks, museums across the country have experienced a surge in popularity as tourists and locals alike seek out these cultural institutions for a unique summer experience. From long queues at entrance gates to packed exhibition halls, museums have transformed into “net celebrity check-in places” and have become a hot ticket this season.

The unprecedented demand for museum visits has prompted the Xinhua Viewpoint reporter to delve deeper into this phenomenon and explore the reasons behind the ongoing “museum craze”.

At the Xi’an Forest of Steles Museum, visitors from around the world have flocked to witness the historical artifacts on display. Accompanied by her grandmother Liu Qin, 11-year-old Ma Yuechen expressed her belief that museums provide a valuable learning experience, especially during summer vacations. Liu Qin emphasized that museums serve as a window into civilizations past and present, offering children the opportunity to become immersed in culture from a young age.

The Henan Museum has also experienced a remarkable increase in daily visitors, with footfall reaching almost 12,000 people per day. To meet the burgeoning demand, the museum now releases appointments seven days in advance, which are typically booked out within hours. The Suzhou Museum has extended its opening hours, accommodating visitors by working overtime.

Similarly, the Hebei Dingzhou Museum has seen a staggering 186% increase in visitor numbers compared to the same period in 2019. The Shandong Museum, renowned for its extensive collection, has witnessed a dramatic surge in daily attendance. The recorded numbers have surpassed 10,000 people per day, with weekends attracting over 20,000 visitors.

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To enhance visitors’ experiences, the Shandong Museum has implemented measures such as daily explanations by museum staff in every exhibition hall. The museum has also designated a weekly “curator’s explanation day” for a museum leader to provide insights and stories behind the artifacts. Future plans include hosting a “Museum Night” event to provide more opportunities for students to engage with the museum during their summer break.

Moreover, the rise of the “museum fever” has spurred cultural and creative industries within museums. The Nanjing Museum, for instance, has unveiled a wide range of cultural and creative products, with over 1,000 items attracting significant attention. Notably, the series of notebooks featuring cultural relics and metal bookmarks have had exceptional popularity among visitors.

Investigations into the ongoing “museum craze” reveal multiple factors contributing to its surge. Firstly, there is an increasing public interest in traditional Chinese culture and a heightened demand for cultural experiences. Visitors feel that museums serve as a doorway to the past, allowing them to connect with ancestors and experience history firsthand. This desire to understand Chinese civilization, its historical heritage, and its contemporary relevance has fueled the popularity of museums.

Secondly, the enthusiasm for learning among teenagers has driven the “museum craze” further. Students often embark on study trips during summer vacations, and visiting museums has become an integral part of their educational journeys. To cater to young audiences, museums have focused on curating interactive exhibitions and integrating educational experiences into their displays.

Lastly, museums have utilized new technologies and concepts to captivate audiences. From 3D projection technology to AR smart guide glasses, these advancements have created an immersive and interactive experience for visitors. For instance, the Henan Museum offers an opportunity to hear the sounds of ancient musical instruments through the Huaxia Ancient Orchestra, which uses replica instruments to recreate ancient and modern music.

As the summer months progress, the “museum craze” shows no sign of abating. Museums continue to evolve and adapt to meet the demands and expectations of visitors. Through their preservation of cultural relics, these institutions serve as gatekeepers of history and keepers of the nation’s narrative. The ongoing popularity of museums reflects the strong connection people feel towards their heritage and the vital role these institutions play in shaping cultural identities.

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