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Winter Olympics official: Talking Bing Dundun is a fake mascot and cannot have gender – IT and Sports

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As the most popular product recently, Bingdundun can be said to be hard to find, but at the same time as Bingdundun and Xuerong are hot, they have also caused a series of problems. On the evening of February 8, Bing Dundun played the role of a reporter and conducted a video interview with Chinese freestyle skier Yang Shuorui, but it was this interview that made it difficult for netizens to accept, and they called it “collapse”!

Subsequently, the topic of “whether Bing Dundun can speak” sparked extensive discussions. From the topic comment area alone, more than 99.9% of netizens are unacceptable. It is believed that Bing Dun Dun was originally a virtual doll image. People like it, but only like its virtual image, and they will not go to the deepest actor behind it.

There is also one of Bing Dun Dun, who publicly posted some videos and photos of himself on social networking sites, “Bing Dun Dun Bendun Winter Olympics has completed the task” and even some official media also reported on him. Some people directly called him “Dun Dun”, and he naturally put himself into the role, jokingly saying that he couldn’t grab him, and secretly rubbing his thumbs up.

There was a marketing account and asked, “Are you really not curious about the handsome guy in Bing Dun Dun?”

Bing Dun Dun’s speech and the performance of the actor’s appearance can be called an epic operational disaster. “It’s equivalent to creating a view of the bones and quenching the public’s greed for the body.”

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After the public opinion quickly fermented, the blogger realized that something was wrong and quickly set his social platform private.

The official Douyin of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics Organizing Committee responded to netizens on related questions: The talking Bing Dundun is fake.

The blogger @张大阳Tillo also posted that after communicating with the staff of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee to confirm that the Bing Dun Dun who was talking was fake, it was customized privately, and there was no official authorization.

The Bing Dun Dun who can speak comes from CMG, which is the abbreviation of China Media Group. In other words, the Bing Dun Dun in the studio of the Central Radio and Television Station is a “fake”, an unauthorized and custom-made fake.

Why can’t “Bing Dun Dun” and “Xue Rong Rong” speak? According to a previous report from the Procuratorate Daily: According to the rules of the International Olympic Organizing Committee, mascots cannot have gender differences. And once you speak, it’s easy to tell the gender.

When the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee signed an agreement with the producer, it included the clause that “when using the images of ‘Bing Dun Dun’ and ‘Xue Rong Rong’, they cannot speak and should be gender neutral.”

Similarly, if the images of “Bing Dun Dun” and “Xue Rong Rong” appear in the production of the Winter Olympics promotional films and the filming of the Winter Olympics-related films, generally speaking, they cannot speak. In the upcoming animated film “Our Winter Olympics”, Bing Dun Dun “Xue Rongrong” did not speak, but made a babbling sound.

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The image construction of Bing Dundun depends greatly on the imagination of the audience. The reason why Bing Dun Dun is popular is because of its honest and lovely appearance, as well as the good expectations of the public. Concretizing the specific sound will spoil the scenery.

If you want to have a more in-depth communication with Bing Dun Dun and Xue Rong Rong, human beings have to use their brains. For example, look at the Japanese next door who is good at selling IP?

Recently, Tsujioka Yoshido, a loyal fan of Bingdun and Japanese TV anchor, conducted an exclusive interview with Bingdun.

Bing Dundun communicated with the host by relying on the “YES” and “NO” signs in the live broadcast room.

“Does Bing Dundun like Yidundun (the nickname that Tsujioka Yido took for himself)?” “YES”

“Do you know the twin pandas at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo?” “YES”

“Do you like fried rice?” “YES”

As for “Will Bing Dundun take off the outer shell like a space suit when he sleeps?” Bing Dundun fell into thinking, and Tsujioka Yido quickly cleared the siege: “This is a secret!”

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