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World skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is in Medellín

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World skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is in Medellín

The American Anthony Frank Hawk, the best exponent and legend of skateboarding in the world, is delighting in the stages of Medellín to practice this sport.

On social networks, the North American star has been seen sharing with some followers and practicing the discipline in the spaces provided in the capital of Antioquia for this purpose.

Tony Hawk was sharing with fans at the Puente de la 4 Sur Skate Park, showing his skill with the board that gave him worldwide fame for its skill and versatility, according to the newspaper El Colombiano.

That medium recalled that in Medellín there are various venues to practice skateboarding, such as the Atanasio Girardot sports unit, the Puente de la 4 sur, the Itagüí one, the Zona Norte in Sabaneta, the Manila bowl and the Castilla sports unit.

Skateboarding debuted at the 2021 Olympic Games with two modalities, street and park. In the first modality, Colombia has the option of participating with Jazmín Álvarez and Ana María Rendón.

This sport will have the participation of 88 athletes in the next Olympic Games, 44 in the street modality and 44 in park. However, the host country, France, will be granted four places, two in each category, divided into the male and female branches.

“We have a clear objective and from the Colombian Federation we are aiming to achieve it for these athletes. Together with the Colombian Olympic Committee we are committed to giving them all the necessary opportunities to get the necessary points, this one in Japan (World Skateboarding Championship) being one of the most important,” said José Acevedo, president of the Colombian Skating Federation.

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Tony Hawk, recognized in the world of skateboarding for his innovative and complex tricks, not only conquered his followers with his skill on the board, but also became the face of one of the most successful video game franchises worldwide. In the 1990s, “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” sold copies in more than 10,000 stores worldwide, elevating Hawk’s fame to a global level.

Originally from San Diego and born in 1968, Hawk discovered his passion for skateboarding at the age of 9, after a childhood marked by hyperactivity and self-demand. His dedication and talent led him to dominate the California skate championships and finally become professional, competing against the best in the world.

From a young age, Hawk showed a natural ability to skate, which led him to win 73 tournaments before his 25th birthday. Behind his success was the support of his father, Frank Hawk, who introduced him to the world of skateboarding and helped found the California Amateur League and the National Skateboard Association.

At 14, Hawk became a professional and at 16 he was already considered the best skater in the world. Despite his early achievements and high income, Hawk faced financial difficulties in the early 1990s. However, he overcame these obstacles and founded Birdhouse, as well as helping to birth the X Games in 1995, an event that transformed the extreme sports.

Hawk continued to innovate in skateboarding, achieving the first “900º” at the 1999 X Games, and cemented his legacy with the release of the video game “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.” The franchise expanded its reach with twelve titles to date and returned in 2020 with a remaster of the first two games.

In addition to his achievements as a skateboarder, Tony Hawk has stood out in the business field. In 1998, he created Hawk Clothing, a skateboarding apparel and footwear brand. Two years later, in 2000, he sold the company to Quiksilver, a French multinational company.

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At Quiksilver, Hawk positioned himself as a leading figure, sharing this status with surfing icon Kelly Slater, another distinguished American athlete. Hawk also distinguished himself as one of the first skaters to collaborate on the design of his own model of professional shoes, which were manufactured by Airwalk.

Tony Hawk’s impact goes beyond skateboarding, having marked entire generations and maintaining his relevance in both popular culture and extreme sports. With Infobae

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