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You will not find this absurdity, stupidity and absurdity except in Algeria

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Mohamed Envy
I do not think that there is a country similar to Algeria in terms of absurdity, stupidity and absurdity. And if I wanted to review all the manifestations of absurdity, stupidity and absurdity that float to the surface in the country of the “martyrs”, I would have to go through pages and pages in order to enumerate all these manifestations. Therefore, I will suffice with some examples, through which I record the extent of the absence of reason and logic in this country, to the extent that everything in it is surprising. A normal person can only be surprised and amazed at what is happening in it.
In Algeria, you find someone who remembers the first moments of his birth; This is not my invention, but rather taken from one of the Algerian channels. A person passed through this channel whose appearance suggests that he is respected and has a respected status in the country, as long as he was summoned to a television program. It seems that he was telling about his autobiography when he talked about the first moments of his birth (I do not remember the adjective in which he spoke: a politician? Or an intellectual? Or a researcher? Or…?). The man spoke with confidence and certainty, and repeated more than once that he remembered well the details of the first moments of his birth. Among other things he talked about was what he saw through the window outside the birthing hall. Believe it or not.
In Algeria, the issue of the martyrs has turned into a stock exchange in every sense of the word, with a slight difference in the fact that this stock exchange does not know the decline in its value in its trading; Rather, it is constantly evolving. After the story of a million martyrs launched by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in the early sixties of the last century as a form of courtesy to raise the morale of the Algerian people and give value to the sacrifices of the resistance fighters, the value of martyrdom in Algeria turned into a currency to be traded in. If the matter did not stop at a million, a million and a half, then five and a half million, according to Abdul-Majid Kazboun, then eleven million to come to us in the last period with astronomical calculations that brought the number to one hundred million martyrs.
For all the countries that were colonized and regained their independence through resistance and fighting the colonialists, they have martyrs. However, these countries do not trade in their martyrs, and they have not limited their interest in being proud of the number of martyrs. Except for Algeria, which constitutes a bad and miserable exception in this regard. As much as other countries are proud of the human losses they incurred for the colonizer (I refer to the Battle of Anwal, for example, but not limited to, in which the Moroccan hero Mujahid Muhammad ibn Abd al-Karim al-Khattabi inflicted heavy losses on Spanish colonialism in lives and equipment), as much as Algeria is proud of its human losses in front of the colonizer. French.
It is true that there are Algerians who deny and denounce all this confusion about the number of martyrs, and they assert that the number is far from a million. But the regime insists on inflating the number for a need in itself, and the self-righteous love this game and engage in it stupidly.
And it didn’t stop there. Recently, an adviser to the Algerian president told a story stranger than fiction. He spoke of Jihad al-Luqlaq (Blarg), who was imprisoned after his trial for his “heinous” act of daring to break into a military barracks and tear the French flag. And for the patriotism of the imprisoned stork, he went on hunger strike in solidarity with the detained Mujahideen who were being tortured. The aforementioned counselor claimed that he had taken a picture of this stork tearing the French flag (when did he take this picture? How did he enter the barracks? How old was he? His appearance did not suggest that he had reached the age of sixty; perhaps he was not born in the period he was talking about).
The stork is not the only one who was subjected to trial and arrest. In one of the states there is a rock celebrated for killing French soldiers after it was swept off the mountain, so it was tried and surrounded with iron chains as punishment. In the same place, they talk about a tree whose trunk contained Mujahid and his son for six years away from the eyes of the colonial forces.
Thus, jihad and martyrdom, in Algeria, were not limited to humans, but even birds, stones and trees participated in it. Add to this that Algeria is the only country where the martyrs are alive; As they are called upon in assemblies to testify live of their extraordinary heroism.
If we leave the issue of the martyrs and turn to the media, you will find nothing but the same absurdity, stupidity and excessive absurdity, whether it is related to the official media or the unofficial media. According to what is published in Algeria (whether in writing or in audio and video), the amount of inaccuracy found in these publications cannot stop you, except for the very few exceptions. Whether it is related to sports media or political media, you will be shocked by the amount of stupidity (and I wrote more than one article on stupidity in Algeria) in the media of this country. And you can evoke the charades of the Algerian intelligence, which has become a laughing stock in the world. From the farce of leaking news about a fictitious meeting in Tel Aviv between Moroccan, Israeli and French intelligence to develop a plan to destabilize the security and stability of Algeria, to the myth of the flight of 850 Moroccan soldiers, spreading news about crises in Morocco threatening it with disintegration, and so on at the heart of the facts by describing what is happening in Algeria and attributing that. To Morocco.
Believe it or not: Algeria taught the grammar of the Arabic language to the Arab Levant; Algeria liberated Germany from Nazism; Algeria is the cradle of European democracies, and revolutions began in Greece, Portugal and Spain. The word Algeria is for me to miss at the United Nations (Abdel-Majid Kazboun); The numbers used today are an Algerian invention; Mount Toubkal transferred from Algeria to Marrakesh; The people of the cave were in Algeria; Hallucinations abound in this country; And this is only the tip of the iceberg.
What is the secret in this matter? It is a crisis of identity and the knot of history. The hostility to Morocco (which turned into a belief and a complex) exacerbated these crises, and Algeria turned into an open hospital for mental illnesses and psychological disorders. No wonder they fail at everything; Even in lying.

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