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Yury Ledyaev died near the village of Severnye, Donetsk region

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Yury Ledyaev died near the village of Severnye, Donetsk region

In Rivne they said goodbye to serviceman Yury Ledyaev. On June 7, a 40-year-old soldier was injured in a battle during an assault against the armed forces of the enemy in the area of ​​the village of Severnye in the Donetsk region, the Rivne District State Administration reports.

«Yuriy graduated with honors from the Rivne State Humanities University, majoring in “Practical Psychology and History”. However, he found his true calling in construction. Worked exclusively in Ukraine. As a true patriot, he did everything to ensure that our state prospered. And he was also a loving son and brother, a real host, took endless care of his family, never refused to help his neighbors, was a true friend. Incredibly loved animals – he took a dog from a shelter to give it a chance for a new life. Yuri did not serve in the army, but this did not stop him – in the first days of the full-scale invasion, he signed up as a volunteer at the military commissariat. “If not for us, our children will be forced to fight. And I don’t want that. I will do everything so that our children do not experience war and have a peaceful life. I want to bring peace to Ukraine,” said the hero. However, then his time did not come. Only later did he receive a summons, without hesitation he set out to defend the state.”

According to compatriots, cheerful, sociable, good-hearted Yuriy felt confident in the army. After all, any business that he undertook simply “burned” in his hands. And for the sake of truth, justice, he was ready to stand to the last, that’s how his fighting spirit manifested itself.

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The soldier was buried on the Alley of Glory in the territory of the cemetery in the village of Tinny. In the hometown, a beloved wife was left without a husband, sons were left without a father, relatives and acquaintances were without a faithful friend.

Earlier, “FACTS” published an interview with the writer Yan Valetov: “Russians should be driven underground one and a half meters for everything they have done.”


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