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Zhejiang, Sichuan, East and West cooperate across provinces to “grab people” and send workers by special car

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Zhejiang, Sichuan, East and West cooperate across provinces to “grab people” and send workers by special car

Original title: Zhejiang, Sichuan, East and West cooperate across provinces to “grab people” and send workers by special car

People are diligent and early in spring. On January 24, the third day of the first lunar month, Liu Lanying, a poverty-stricken household in Liangfeng Village, Yuanshan Town, Jiange County, Guangyuan City, took a special bus back to Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. This is the first return-to-work bus issued by Sichuan Province after the Spring Festival. More than 150 Jiange migrant workers took three buses to return to Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places to return to work.

After the Spring Festival holiday, Sichuan intensively sent back-to-work special trains to send workers to their homes, and Zhejiang came to Sichuan to hold job fairs to “snatch people”.

  Private trains and special planes send migrant workers back to work

Holding a “love gift bag” containing instant noodles, drinking water, fruits and other supplies, Liu Lanying was excited. “The labor service cooperation between the east and the west has solved our employment problem, and now we can take a free car to Hangzhou. I am especially grateful to the governments of the two places.” At present, she is doing domestic work in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, with a monthly income of 5,000 yuan.

There are 2,000 out-of-poverty migrant workers in Jiange County, and 600 of them work in Zhejiang. Jiange County provides a one-time job-seeking and entrepreneurship subsidy of 200 yuan per person for those who have been transferred out of poverty in an organized way to work outside the county for more than half a year. Road) transportation subsidies.

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There are not only special cars, but also special trains and planes. On January 31, 120 Bazhong migrant workers took a chartered flight back to work to Yiwu, Zhejiang. On February 1, Sichuan’s first inter-provincial labor service cooperation train departed from Chengdu East Railway Station after the Spring Festival. More than 600 Sichuan migrant workers took the special train to Guangdong to return to work.

Stabilizing employment is the key to consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation. After the Spring Festival holiday, special cars, special trains, and special planes were sent out in many places in Sichuan to transport migrant workers back to the factory “point-to-point”. As of February 5, 10,034 return-to-work vehicles, 31 chartered trains, and 10 chartered planes have been sent out after the festival in the province, transporting more than 379,000 people.

  Cross-provincial “grabbing people” Zhejiang brings enterprises to their posts

This year is the first Spring Festival after the adjustment of the epidemic policy. The human resources and social security departments in many places in Zhejiang brought enterprises to Sichuan to carry out intensive on-site recruitment of labor cooperation between the east and the west, and “grab people” offline.

On January 29, the launching ceremony of “Sichuan Province’s 2023 Spring Breeze Action · Employment Assistance Month and Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle Labor Cooperation · East-West Labor Cooperation Special Service Activities” was held in Guang’an. The Human Resources and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Province brought 67 Zhejiang employers to recruit, including a large number of well-known enterprises such as Nanyang Electric, Changxing Geely, and Zhejiang Tianneng, offering 12,000 jobs. There are 2,832 caring positions, and there are no restrictions on education, age, skills, etc., and they specifically recruit people who have been lifted out of poverty.

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“We brought more than 20 Huzhou enterprises and more than 1,000 jobs to Guang’an.” Wu Wenyan, director of the Huzhou Employment Management Service Center, introduced that this year Huzhou recruited workers across provinces, and the enterprises gained a lot. More than 800 people signed up on the same day , more than 200 people reached employment intention.

On January 30, the “Hangzhou-Guangyuan” East-West Labor Service Cooperation, Guangyuan City’s 2023 “Spring Breeze Action” and Employment Assistance Month Special Recruitment Fair co-sponsored by the People’s Government of Guangyuan City and the People’s Government of Hangzhou City, organized more than 210 companies Employers provided 14,000 jobs. Among them, 38 enterprises in Hangzhou provided more than 5,500 jobs.

Many labor companies have offered good salaries to migrant workers in Guangyuan. Zhejiang Zhaodi Prefabricated Construction Technology Co., Ltd. has prepared more than 200 general workers, mechanics, cage weavers and other positions this time, and the monthly salary offered is 11,000 yuan. “Board and lodging are all included, five insurances and one housing fund, full attendance bonus, etc. are all there.” Li Sen, the company’s recruiting director, told reporters.

“Sichuan has 1.2 million migrant workers in Zhejiang all the year round. Last year, we organized a point-to-point one-stop method and sent 12,000 rural laborers and laborers out of poverty to return to work in Zhejiang. This year, we will keep the number of migrant workers in Zhejiang stable. Continue to promote the precise connection of people and posts, point-to-point delivery, and serve migrant workers well.” The relevant person in charge of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Sichuan Province said. (Sichuan Daily all-media reporter Yan Qiao)

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(Editors in charge: Zhang Huawei, Luo Yu)

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