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2023 Red Balloon Challenge: A Display of Passion and International Camaraderie at Suzhou Station

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The 2023 “Red Balloon Challenge” kicked off at the Jinji Lake Lake Trail in Suzhou City on November 5th, drawing in 220 teams and over a thousand sports enthusiasts from China, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. The event, which aims to promote emergency rescue awareness and skills among young people, is guided by the Red Cross Society of China and co-sponsored by the Red Cross Foundation of China and the Jiangsu Provincial Red Cross Society.

The competition, hosted by the Suzhou Red Cross Society, received support from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Suzhou Municipal Government, the Suzhou Industrial Park Health Committee, and the Suzhou Science and Technology Vocational College. Additionally, the International College of the Red Cross offered its support for the event.

Notably, Japanese, Korean, and foreign students studying in China, as well as young individuals from foreign-invested enterprises in China, actively formed teams to participate in the “Red Balloon Challenge”. The aim of their participation is not only to improve their emergency rescue skills but also to foster understanding and friendship among participants, showcasing the Red Cross spirit of “humanity, fraternity, and dedication” to the world.

The competition, supported by various organizations and participants from different countries, demonstrates a global effort to promote emergency rescue awareness and teamwork among young people. The event serves as a platform for international collaboration and the exchange of skills and knowledge in the field of emergency response.

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