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Actively adjust to prepare for the Olympic Games

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Some competitions in the Paris Olympic Games will be adjusted in terms of project settings and rules, and some of these changes have been reflected in the competitions of the new Olympic cycle. In the face of this change, my country’s national teams in various projects are actively adjusting and actively preparing for the war.

On June 14, the Chinese swimming team flew to Budapest to prepare for the 2022 World Swimming Championships to be unveiled there on June 18. Including Zhang Yufei, Wang Shun and other Tokyo Olympic champions, 45 Chinese athletes will participate in more than 40 events. Similar to swimming, many Olympic sports will start one after another in the 2024 Paris Olympic cycle. In the face of changes in the project settings and competition rules of the new Olympic cycle, my country’s national teams in various sports are actively adjusting and preparing for the war.

Actively compete for points

From June to July, the Olympic World Championships in the two basic sports of swimming and track and field will be held in Budapest, Hungary and Eugene, the United States successively. The two events were originally scheduled to be held in 2021. Due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics by one year, the two world championships were also postponed by a year as the first world competitions of their respective events in the Paris Olympic cycle.

On June 15, the 9th Asian Gymnastics Championships opened in Doha, Qatar. On the 11th, the Chinese gymnastics team announced the list of players for the Asian Championships and set off for the competition on the 12th. This Asian Gymnastics Championships is also a qualifying match for the 2022 Gymnastics World Championships to be held in Liverpool, England from October to November this year. Therefore, gaining more seats in the World Championships has also become one of the main goals of the Chinese gymnastics team.

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For many sports, the opening of the season also means the beginning of a new cycle of Olympic points. On the evening of June 12, Beijing time, three Chinese players including Luo Zongshi won the championship in the World Taekwondo Federation Luxembourg Open. Luo Zongshi won the second championship in 10 days, which earned her 80 Olympic points. .

“The state is slowly mobilizing.” Accumulating experience and finding state through competition is the goal of many Chinese athletes at the beginning of the new Olympic cycle. On June 13, Beijing time, in a track and field competition in Jacksonville, Florida, the United States, the Asian record holder of the men’s 200 meters, Xie Zhenye of China, won the championship with a time of 20.13 seconds, and created his personal record in the event. The third best result in history. With this achievement, Xie Zhenye has reached the entry standards for the Eugene World Athletics Championships.

Training team to accumulate experience

On June 14, Beijing time, in the women’s foil team final of the Asian Fencing Championships in Seoul, South Korea, the Chinese team consisting of Shi Yue, Chen Qingyuan, Cai Yuanting and Wu Peilin won the runner-up. In the previous women’s foil individual project, Shi Yue and Chen Qingyuan won the championship and runner-up.

The 25-year-old Chen Qingyuan participated in the Tokyo Olympics. Shi Yue, who was born in 1999, won the women’s foil champion of the 14th National Games. The current Chinese women’s foil team is mainly composed of young players, and the London Olympic men’s foil champion Lei Sheng is the head coach. In Lei Sheng’s view, young teams are currently in a state of steadily improving their competitive level.

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Due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics by one year, the preparation time for the 2024 Paris Olympic cycle is pressing, and now it is only about two years before the opening of the Paris Olympics. Therefore, it is even more necessary to train the team through high-level events, accumulate experience, and smoothly complete the replacement of new and old players.

After the Tokyo Olympics, two members of the Chinese rhythmic gymnastics team retired and two new members were added. At present, the oldest member of the team is 24 years old and the youngest is only 17 years old. It is the top priority for the team to prepare for the battle. On June 6, Beijing time, the 2022 International Gymnastics Federation Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Italy ended. The Chinese Rhythmic Gymnastics Team won the bronze medal in the collective all-around and the silver medal in the 5-lap individual event. It performed well in the first international event in the Paris Olympic cycle. .

Prepare for change

Sister Qieyang Shi, a famous Chinese race walker, was very busy in the first paragraph. In the 3 World Athletics Federation Gold Label Walking Tour held in Europe in April and May, she participated in the women’s 35km, women’s 10km and women’s 20km races respectively, winning all the championships and showing excellent form. In the previous competitions, Qieyang Shi participated in the women’s 20km competition. In recent years, the race walking event has been adjusted in both the Olympic Games and the World Championships. The 50 km has been cancelled and replaced by the men’s and women’s 35 km in the World Championships. The “replacement” event in the Paris Olympics has not yet been determined. The mixed relay of race walking is expected to be on stage. Sister Qieyangshi participates in competitions of different distances, and is also preparing for the world competition in the future.

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Similar to the race walking event, some competitions in the Paris Olympic Games will be adjusted in terms of project settings and rules, and some of the changes have been reflected in the competition of the new Olympic cycle.

The Rome Station of the World Taekwondo Grand Prix held from June 3rd to 5th used a best-of-three-round system for the first time, and major adjustments were made in terms of negative penalties and superiority judgments. “I like the new rules very much, the pace is faster and not procrastination.” Luo Zongshi said. The rules of the collective all-around event of rhythmic gymnastics during the Paris Olympic cycle will also be greatly adjusted, from 5 balls, 3 laps and 4 bars to 5 laps, 3 belts and 2 balls, which requires teams to rearrange their movements. my country’s national teams in various sports are actively adjusting, striving to adapt to the changes in the rules as soon as possible and make full preparations for the Olympic Games.

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