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“All or nothing, what a rage Now I want the Finals”

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“All or nothing, what a rage Now I want the Finals”

The interview

Matteo Berrettini, after the disappointment of Wimbledon, skipped due to Covid, returns to the field in Gstaad, where four years he launched himself with success in singles and doubles.

What did you think on the eve of the Championships when it turned out to be positive?

“That maybe I was on” Seriously “. It was absurd, I have been hoping to be positive for several days to play on Tuesday. My team tried to hold me up, but I was sad, isolated in my room. So I tried to cling to happy memories, to leave London thinking about winning at Queen’s and not at Wimbledon ».

Did you watch the tournament on TV?

“In the beginning, no, even if the results reached me on my mobile. Something in the end, but I’m not a big fan of tournaments if I don’t play them. I finished “Peaky Blinders”, read little because I wanted to be distracted. I used the messages of the people who gained as and perhaps more than me, especially those of my grandmother and my brother ».

Garin, who was supposed to meet her in the first round, made it to the quarters: did he give her a gift?

«No, but he’s a great guy and I also lost a final there. I was the favorite, but it was not a given that I would win. He was good “

Go from success to disappointment: did you give yourself an explanation?

«All or nothing: it is the summary of my life. Even off the pitch, I want to experience every emotion 100 percent. I push my mind and body to the maximum, that’s why I get injured. Or at least I like to believe that it is so ».

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Worse to skip Wimbledon or retire to the ATP Finals?

«At Wimbledon I had high expectations, I felt in good shape after training with Nadal. At the Finals the atmosphere was perhaps even more special: the eight best in the world, in Italy. I was losing that match with Zverev, but I was enjoying it to the fullest. Maybe Turin was worse ».

Released from isolation, he coached his brother Jacopo in Modena: did you like it?

«We had a great time in Casinalbo, I enjoyed spending a few days with Jacopo, it doesn’t happen often».

He granted himself two concerts: satisfied?

«I told myself I had to, otherwise I end up playing only tennis. I thank Alessandro Borghi, who took me to Salmo and then invited me to the Jovanotti concert. I liked being there, basically we are similar: even musicians like me perform in front of large audiences ».

Do you like music? What are you listening to?

“It helped me a lot. These days I listen to Gemitaiz (an Italian rapper, ed), we texted each other, I hope to go to a concert of his ».

In Sanremo this time we will see you as a singer?

“Easier than climbing Everest without cylinders.”

He restarts from Gstaad, four years later.

«It seems like 25 years have passed. I never expected to win single and double, every game was a discovery. I’m a different person now, but the ball travels as it did then. I really want to play, a lot of competitive anger ».

The US Open, the ATP Finals: what do you expect from the rest of the season?

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«To play so many tournaments, hoping that injuries will leave me alone. The US Open is important, but I would also like to do well in Montreal and Cincinnati. Turin is a goal, I feel I belong to that level. It hasn’t been a perfect year so far, but I want to get there ». –

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