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Allegri shakes Juve: “Disastrous start, we are all responsible”

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SENT TO MALMOE. Massimiliano Allegri, seven years ago your Juve debuted with Malmoe and you spoke of faces pale with fear. Now is it like this again?

“They are different situations, the environment breathed a negative environment. This time it’s the opposite: there was a disastrous start in the league and the first away match is needed to win and lay the best foundations for the Champions League ».

Was it your best season in 2015-16 after that horror start and the scudetto comeback?

«I don’t know, it goes into oblivion after 5 years. Now we have to try to make things happen, so far in the league they have not gone well: mistakes happen, but we remain focused to get out and do well in the Champions League. We will need a technical match and we must face them with serenity, but the performances were there. We will improve as a team and as individuals, in Naples we played with a midfield in which they did not even know each other ».

Did you expect these initial difficulties and young people don’t take responsibility?

“Young people are no longer young and they need to wake up mentally. The job was done well, then in football I can’t imagine that Szczesny – a reliable European goalkeeper – makes three mistakes in three games. In football it can happen, but he is at an absolute level and will be in goal again ».

How to play without the Church?

«We have Morata, Dybala, Cuadrado and Kulusevsni … Chiesa was not happy for this flexor and it is not worth risking it: it will be a high-intensity match. Bernardeschi had a knee problem ».

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Playing the Champions League among the favorites was the habit. Where does Juve stand now?

«She was the favorite because in 5 years she played in two finals, a fourth and went out in an eighth in extra time in Monaco. Juve’s goal is to enter the top 8 every year, but it is important to pass the round to play for the Champions League. Which is always strange … We are not among the favorites, but it does not mean that we do not have the desire to win ».

Do players disappoint in personality?

«No, but it is normal that we are all responsible when we prepare the matches. Now we need even more sense of responsibility: we need to grow quickly in mischief, in managing the game. If Rabiot continues to follow the action, he will not concede a goal in Naples: these are details that make the difference. We have not taken a punishment from the edge … ».

What moment is De Ligt experiencing?

«Tomorrow De Ligt will play. And another ten ».

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