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Barcelona, ​​Nadal: “I leave the baton to the new generations. I hope to progress until Paris, then whatever needs to happen happens”

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Barcelona, ​​Nadal: “I leave the baton to the new generations. I hope to progress until Paris, then whatever needs to happen happens”

Rome, 18 April. (beraking latest news) – The Parella district of Turin is enriched with 750 new plants thanks to the forestation intervention carried out with the support of Arca Fondi Sgr in partnership with the Bper Group, as part of the Arca Oxygen Plus project, and in synergy with the City of Turin. The initiative is part of Mosaico Verde, the national campaign for the forestation of green areas, the recovery of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and environmental regeneration, promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente.

The project involved five small adjacent areas located along Corso Appio Claudio, near the Pellerina park, where the tree cover was lacking due to stress from high temperatures and drought. The aim of the project is to restore the tree cover of the slopes, so as to consolidate them and reduce the risk of soil erosion. The objectives of the initiative are to increase shaded areas and reduce heat islands, mitigate pollution levels in the area and increase biodiversity. The intervention is part of the ‘climate resilience plan’ carried out by the Municipality to make the city greener through urban forestation, work which is bearing fruit so much so that today Turin is considered the Italian city richest in public greenery, with 320 km of tree-lined avenues and around 50 parks. “The City of Turin continues with its urban forestation program – declared the councilor for public green spaces Francesco Tresso – with the aim of maximizing the benefits deriving from trees, precious allies for mitigating the effects of climate change and increasing well-being and the quality of life of citizens”.

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In the intervention near the Pellerina park, particular attention was paid to the choice of the plants planted, identified among the species consistent with the climatic and naturalistic conditions of the area, including the field maple, the white hornbeam, the oak and the Apple tree. These species are not only adapted to the local ecosystem, but were also chosen for their ability to consolidate the soil in order to reduce the risk of soil erosion. “The Arca Oxygen Plus project, launched in 2021, has always been inspired by the values ​​of environmental protection and constant commitment to communities – explains Simone Bini Smaghi, deputy general manager responsible for the Commercial Department of Arca Fondi Sgr – The Turin stage fully embodies this spirit, representing a decisive step towards our coveted objective: planting 12 thousand trees throughout the Italian territory within three years”.

For Giuseppe Aimi, head of the North West Regional Directorate of Bper, “environmental protection represents one of the fundamental objectives and values ​​that belong to us. Bper’s initiatives, in this sense, are numerous and the redevelopment of such a large green area is a concrete demonstration. For some time, with Arca, we have been committed to this project and we are happy to have contributed to significantly improving a green area that is now safer and more usable”.

As the trees grow, they will create shaded areas which, in addition to attenuating the effects of the summer heat, will mitigate the phenomenon of heat islands. Furthermore, the introduction of these new plants will not only bring benefits to local biodiversity, but will also improve the landscape aspect of the neighborhood, enriching the city fabric not only in environmental but also aesthetic terms. “For 4 years now as Legambiente we have been engaged in the European Life Terra project, together with citizens, associations, schools, administrations and virtuous businesses – explains Federica Sisti, head of Legambiente Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta campaigns – In recent years we have planted trees in the most critical and polluted areas of the country to benefit the community and counteract the effects of climate change. A tree, especially planted in the most critical areas such as urban areas, represents the right to live in a healthy environment and a concrete commitment towards. the new generations”.

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“The planting of 750 plants in the Parella district of Turin, in collaboration with Arca Fondi Sgr and Bper Banca, is much more than a numerical increase in tree cover: it is a tangible commitment towards the protection and enhancement of local biodiversity, a step in the fight against climate change and an investment in urban sustainability – declares Elena Piazza, head of forestation projects at AzzeroCO2 – The initiative is part of the European ‘Life Terra’ project which sees Legambiente as the only Italian partner and of which we are supporters, a concrete example of how synergistic work between different realities allows us to restore value to our territories and provide citizens with usable places in contact with nature”.

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