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Battle for Walker: Bayern and Manchester City compete for contract negotiations

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Battle for Walker: Bayern and Manchester City compete for contract negotiations

Title: Bayern and Manchester City Compete for Qian Walker as Contract Negotiations Begin

Beijing, July 11 (Sohu) – The battle for Qian Walker has intensified between two top clubs, Bayern and Manchester City. The 33-year-old England defender’s future for the next season remains uncertain.

According to reports from German Sky Sports, both clubs are keen on securing Walker’s services, putting the player in a strong position for negotiations. Walker’s current contract with Manchester City is set to expire next summer, and while the Blue Moon Legion hopes to extend their collaboration with him, Bayern is also eyeing the talented defender.

Bayern has expressed a keen interest in signing Walker this summer, irrespective of whether Mazraoui and Pawar leave the club or not. Bayern’s German coach, Tuchel, is a staunch admirer of Walker, believing his skills make him the ideal candidate for the right-back position, especially if the team opts for a three-central-defender system. The Bavarian giants have already submitted a generous offer to Walker, including a two-year contract with an option for a one-year renewal. However, the player has yet to make a decision.

Bayern has emphasized that they will not increase their offer and are willing to wait patiently for Walker’s response. If Walker agrees to join Bayern, negotiations with Manchester City will commence immediately. A potential transfer fee of 15 million euros, along with additional terms, is anticipated, and there is a high probability of both clubs reaching an agreement.

It ultimately comes down to Walker’s personal choice, as both clubs await his decision.

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