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Bayern Munich announced that Thomas Tuchel will not continue

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Bayern Munich announced that Thomas Tuchel will not continue

Bayern Munich Announces Departure of Coach Thomas Tuchel

On February 21, 2024, Bayern Munich announced that Thomas Tuchel will not continue on the Bavarian team’s substitute bench next season. The president of the Bayern Board of Directors, Jan-Christian Dreesen, stated, “In an open and honest conversation we came to the decision to end our relationship in the summer. Our goal is to undertake a new sporting organization in the next season with a new coach.”

After a series of adverse results, Tuchel will not continue on the Bayern Munich bench next season. “Until then everyone in the club must give everything to achieve the maximum possible in the Bundesliga and in the UEFA Champions League,” added Dreesen.

Tuchel arrived at the club as a replacement for Julian Nagelsmann, who had been removed from his role midway through the season. The board’s decision at that time was to return to Tuchel after Borussia Dortmund had deducted 12 points to take the lead in the Bundesliga.

The team with Tuchel was finally crowned champion, but he never finished convincing with neither the style of play nor what he exhibited on the court. There were even reports of some short circuits in the locker room with the club’s leaders.

Tuchel’s relationship with the board was also difficult, with frequent complaints about the decisions made in the transfer markets, especially for failing to complete the arrival of some players that he requested.

In the current course, Bayern started by losing the German Super Cup against Leipzig, then was eliminated from the German Cup, and in the Bundesliga is eight points behind the leader Bayer Leverkusen. They have suffered three defeats in a row in the last week (Bayer Leverkusen and Bochum in Bundesliga, Lazio in the Champions League) and that may have influenced the decision that was announced this Wednesday.

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The Bundesliga is not impossible but it is improbable, which is why the board is putting its chips this season on the UEFA Champions League. “I am convinced that with the support of our people we will reach the quarterfinals,” Dreesen concluded.

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