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Being able to fight well and have a good style of fighting-sports spirit blooms in the era of glory and gathers forge ahead_General Administration of Sports of the People’s Republic of China

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Being able to fight well and have a good style of fighting-sports spirit blooms in the era of glory and gathers forge ahead_General Administration of Sports of the People’s Republic of China

Sports carry the dream of national prosperity and national rejuvenation. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has attached great importance to sports work. Chinese athletes hold high the great banner of patriotism, shoulder the mission bravely, strive for the first place, and achieve great achievements. The participants of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics cherished the great opportunities given by the great era, and jointly created the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is mindful of the big picture, confident and open, facing difficulties, pursuing excellence, and creating the future together. The surging sports force has gathered on the new journey of the company.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the development of sports is not only an important part of the realization of the Chinese dream, but also provides a strong spiritual force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must carry forward the Chinese sports spirit, promote sports ethics, promote the coordinated development of mass sports, competitive sports, and the sports industry, and accelerate the construction of a sports power.

Sports spirit shines in the era

If sports are strong, China will be strong, and if national sports are prosperous, sports will be prosperous. Entering the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the rich practice and in-depth exploration of Chinese sports have made the Chinese sports spirit with the main content of “winning glory for the country, selfless dedication, scientific and truth-seeking, law-abiding, unity and cooperation, and tenacious struggle” more vivid. temperament of the times. Both the spirit of the women’s volleyball team and the spirit of mountaineering have formed a richer connotation of the times in the practice of the new era.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Chinese women’s volleyball team was not afraid of strong players, dared to win, and won the Olympic championship again after 12 years. The Chinese table tennis team has won all the gold medals in table tennis for the third time after the Beijing Olympics and the London Olympics. Regardless of whether they can win the championship or not, the Chinese players have left a deep impression on people with their courage to face difficulties, their style of daring to win, and their never-say-die style. Based on its own technical and cultural self-confidence, the Chinese table tennis team took the initiative to teach the Chinese training system to foreign players and coaches through a series of dream-building actions. From traditional sports such as table tennis and diving to traditional sports such as Go and Xiangqi, more and more seeds of “Made in China” are being sown around the world.

On April 28, 2019, Chinese player Ma Long defeated Sweden’s Falke 4-1 in the men’s singles final of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, achieving three consecutive World Championships men’s singles championships. After the game, Ma Long proudly expressed “I represent China” in Chinese, and confidently shouted “I am made in China!” to the fans in English. Now the Chinese sports people in the new era are expressing more confidently. Sports spirit, spread the voice of China, stimulate cultural self-confidence, and unite the strength of China.

After winning the Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship with an impressive record of 11 consecutive victories in the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, becoming the “Ten Champions” of the world‘s three major competitions. When meeting with the representatives of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “The masses of the people love the Chinese women’s volleyball team not only because you have won the championship, but more importantly, you have demonstrated the supremacy of the motherland, unity and cooperation, tenacious struggle, and never-ending success. The spirit of giving up.” The timeless spirit of the women’s volleyball team continues to shine on the world stage in the new era, becoming a spiritual symbol that inspires the Chinese people to continue their struggle and self-improvement. There are variables in competitive sports, and there is no smooth road in pursuit of dreams. The Chinese women’s volleyball team does not win the championship every time. But no matter good times or bad, the goal of the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win glory for the country is always firm. It is precisely because of having goals, dreams, beliefs and beliefs that even if you sometimes know that you will not win, you will do your best and try to get closer to your dreams in the tenacious struggle.

On May 27, 2020, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first human summit from the north slope of Mount Everest, the Chinese survey mountaineering team overcame the unfavorable weather conditions, withstood the pressure of two departures and two retreats, and caught on the third summit push. Opportunity to reach the summit successfully and set the record for the longest stay on the summit of Mount Everest for 150 minutes. The team members erected measuring targets on the top of the peak, used domestic instruments to receive signals from the Beidou satellite navigation system, used domestic snow depth radar detectors to detect the snow depth on the peak, and used domestic gravimeters to measure gravity to re-measure the height of Mount Everest. With the advancement of technology and the increasingly powerful scientific and technological support, the mountaineering spirit has blossomed with new brilliance in the new era.

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The power of sports engraves the glory of the times

On June 18, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping said in his reply letter to all the students of the 2016 graduate champion class of Beijing Sports University: “China in the new era needs to have a mission and a spirit of struggle. I hope you will continue to take the lead. , work hard, make more contributions to building a strong sports country, and deliver more positive energy to the society.”

Deeply cultivate patriotic feelings, inspire truth-seeking innovation, and always maintain the background of struggle. The Chinese sports spirit is deeply involved in the shaping of the young generation’s outlook on life, values, and world outlook. In the new era, vigorous vitality encourages Chinese athletes to consciously integrate youth struggle into the party and the world. People’s cause, let the flag of patriotism fly high in the arena.

The banner guides the direction of forging ahead, and the power of sports engraves the glory of struggle. The Tokyo Olympics, which will be postponed to 2021, are held under the special circumstances that the world is facing the challenges of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The competition situation is severe and complex, and it is especially necessary to “win glory for the country and fight for the country” with a sense of mission, responsibility and honor. In particular, it is necessary to build a team that can fight well and have a good style. The training and preparation teams of each project are led by party building, adhere to the value orientation of the supremacy of the motherland, and extensively carry out the theme activities of “the motherland in my heart”, build a solid foundation of belief, and adhere to the “branch is built in the sports team”, so that the party flag is high in the training and preparations. Fly high.

To overcome difficulties, we must strengthen our elite troops in all directions, and comprehensively strengthen our shortcomings in physical fitness, technology, and ideological style. In the summer of 2020, the Chinese shooting team, the Chinese fencing team and other teams conducted an 8-week military training in the hottest season in Beijing. All the athletes, coaches and support personnel fought against the scorching sun and the sweltering heat, successfully completed the main training subjects for army recruits, and used high-standard training to create the spirit of athletes in the new era. The 8-week military training not only tempered the will, It has strengthened the shortcomings and enhanced the confidence of the players in the decisive battle in Tokyo. At that time, in the first team assessment after the military training, Yang Qian scored 0.3 points above the world record in the women’s 10-meter air rifle final. After winning the first gold medal of the Tokyo Olympics, Yang Qian said emotionally: “This gold medal is the best gift for the founding of the party.” In the process of preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese shooting team held an event with the theme of “the motherland is in my heart”. As the main line, adhere to the integration and mutual promotion of party building and training preparations, and lead the Olympic preparations to move forward. “When I couldn’t stand it, I could clearly feel that my belief supported me, and that was my belief in raising the national flag and playing the national anthem at the Tokyo Olympics,” Zhang Changhong said after winning the Olympic men’s 50m rifle three-position gold medal. The outstanding performance of the Chinese shooting team has laid a solid foundation for the overall trend of the Chinese sports delegation in the Tokyo Olympics.

The Chinese diving team, known as the “Dream Team”, attaches great importance to promoting Olympic preparations and national team building with ideological construction and style construction during the Tokyo Olympics cycle. The good image of Chinese athletes in the new era has strengthened the firm belief of “not forgetting the original intention, remembering the mission”, “the mission is on the shoulders, and the struggle is my own”. The best record of gold and 5 silver in history. “The Tokyo Olympics is different from any previous Olympics in that the situation is severe, the preparations are difficult, and the competition is difficult, all of which are unprecedented.” Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association and leader of the Chinese diving team, concluded: “Under such circumstances, China‘s All the members of the diving team united in the competition, showed morale, and fought for the gold medal, fully demonstrating the style of Chinese diving and the momentum of the Chinese sports ace.”

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As the Chinese athlete who won the most medals in the Tokyo Olympics, Zhang Yufei broke the Olympic record in the women’s 200-meter butterfly final and won the championship. Only a few minutes later, she and her teammates Tang Muhan, Yang Junxuan and Li Bingjie refreshed the women’s 4 ×200m freestyle relay world record, adding another gold for the Chinese team. Talking about the momentum of his last 50 meters in the relay, Zhang Yufei said excitedly: “It’s the kind of Chinese power, you know, when you burn from the bottom of your heart, you won’t admit defeat. I must fight with you.”

With the original intention, fight for the country. At the Tokyo Olympics, from the “post-05” Xiaohua Quanhongchan, who has been calm since she was first born, to veteran players such as Lv Xiaojun, Ma Long, and Su Bingtian who stick to their original aspirations to fight for the country, these new era athletes have always held high the great banner of patriotism, and at critical moments Standing up and fighting hard, it shows the spirit of Chinese youth in the new era of “the mission is on the shoulders, and the struggle has me”. new chapter.

Great cause breeds great spirit

Contribute to the new era, together to the future. The development of sports is not only an important part of realizing the Chinese dream, but also provides a strong spiritual force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The wonderful interweaving of the Winter Olympics dream and the Chinese dream has not only further improved the traditional situation of “strong summer and weak winter, weak ice and weak snow” in competitive sports in my country, but also reaped rich spiritual wealth in the great practice of building a strong sports country.

Compared with the Summer Olympics, the foundation of my country’s ice and snow sports is relatively weak. The preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics are extremely severe and the task is very arduous. To achieve the goal of “competitive competition”, we must improve the ability to dare to fight hard, be able to fight hard, and be able to win. It is only when it is difficult that it is more courageous; it is only when it is committed that it is precious. “Expanding coverage, fixing points, strengthening troops, and sprinting”, one goal a year, one step at a time, from the development of the whole project, the construction of the whole project team, the preparation of the whole project, and then to “building elite divisions” and “forging elite warriors” “Clear and precise goals”, “Focus on practical and precise training”, “Strengthen delicate guarantees”, a national training team for ice and snow projects that can fight tough battles and have a good style has been established and grown from scratch, and quickly shouldered the responsibility of winning glory for the country. important task. Time does not wait for me, only for the day and night, Bingxue athletes face the challenges and shoulder the heavy burdens, strengthen the physical strength to make up for the shortcomings, target the weak points, break through the fortifications, and shed sweat on the ice and snow.

In early 2022, when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the preparations for the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics in Beijing, he emphasized that there can be several fights in life, and long-term preparation is here. I hope that everyone will strengthen their ambition and courage to win glory for the country, insist on spelling first, dare to fight, be good at fighting, show the spirit and competitive level of Chinese athletes in the new era in the Olympic arena, and strive to be the best in competition, morality and style. Nice medal.

The Beijing Winter Olympics is a major landmark event held by my country at the historical intersection of the “two centenary goals”. Bearing in mind the entrustment of the party and the people, the Chinese ice and snow athletes take the responsibility of “the mission is on the shoulders and the struggle is my own”. Wonderful Olympic answer sheet. These young people in the new era held high the banner of patriotism in the Winter Olympics, and wrote a vivid and magnificent chapter of the era in the struggle and struggle.

The start is a tough fight, and the charge starts at the start. The Chinese short track speed skating team, known as the “knife on the ice”, blew a resounding charge on the first day of the Beijing Winter Olympics. This “capable of fighting, good style” team won the gold medal in the short track speed skating mixed relay competition. A good start is not the end of success. Only by fighting to the end can you have the chance to have the last laugh. In the face of difficulties and challenges, no matter whether they finally stand on the podium or not, Chinese players will struggle tenaciously, face difficulties and strive to win the gold medal of “struggle”. In the front, there was the spelling of “sharp knife on the ice” to charge and break the game, and then there were the backbones who fought tenaciously to lead the change, forming a new situation in which the ice and snow were competing for glory. In the end, the Chinese sports delegation won a total of 15 medals with 9 golds, 4 silvers and 2 bronzes, creating the best result in the history of my country’s participation in the Winter Olympics, and achieving both sports performance and spiritual civilization.

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“Effort will never deceive you!” Su Yiming said after winning the silver medal in the men’s slope obstacle course in snowboarding at the Beijing Winter Olympics, which quickly became popular on the Internet. The Beijing Winter Olympics is the first time that the Chinese team has qualified for the Winter Olympics in the men’s snowboarding men’s slope obstacle skills and big platform events. Su Yiming’s historic appearance has won a silver medal and a gold medal for the Chinese team. “It stands to reason that my first Olympics may be very nervous, but when I stood on the starting podium and saw every friend on the scene and the motherland supporting me behind my back, I instantly felt that there was nothing to be nervous about. Do my best to do my moves and give my best performance, that’s all I have to do.”

Although many ice and snow events have not been carried out in China for a long time, Chinese players have fought bravely, dared to fight, and dared to win. In many small events, they successfully completed their historic debut at the Winter Olympics or broke through the best results in history. . Yan Wengang entered the Chinese steel frame snowmobile training team through cross-border and cross-item selection. After a series of tests and selections at home and abroad, he represented the Chinese team in the men’s steel frame snowmobile competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Won China‘s first Winter Olympics bobsleigh medal. After the game, Yan Wengang said: “The top foreign players usually have 3,000 to 5,000 skating times, but I only have about 2,000 times. I still need to train harder and more scientifically. The results represent the past, and I still need to become better. Be strong and continue to use your performance to bring persistence to more people.”

Just like Su Yiming and Yan Wengang, the self-confidence and self-improvement of Chinese athletes has become increasingly evident on the world sports arena. This kind of self-confidence from the bottom of my heart is not only self-confidence in its own technical strength, self-confidence in scientific training level, but also self-confidence in the national system, the institutional advantages of concentrating on major events, and the training and selection of Chinese competitive sports talents. , self-confidence in the incentive guarantee mechanism and the national team management system. This self-confidence, self-improvement and pride in the country’s scientific and material foundations, top-level design and even institutional mechanisms is the vivid embodiment of the Chinese spirit of the new era in the arena.

A great cause breeds a great spirit, and a great spirit promotes a great cause. The spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which has the big picture in mind, is confident and open, faces difficulties, pursues excellence, and creates the future together, is the spiritual symbol nurtured by great practice, the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation, and the inspiration for the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups to improve in the new era. To uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics and realize the strong spiritual power of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, it provides value guidance for the construction of a strong sports country, and provides new spiritual power for advancing the great cause and realizing the great dream.

Forge ahead in a new journey, the national sports front will continue to vigorously promote the spirit of Chinese sports and the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and write a new chapter of forging ahead and promoting the construction of a sports power in the new era with firmer self-confidence and firmer courage, in order to realize the greatness of the Chinese nation. The Chinese dream of rejuvenation brings together the majestic power of self-improvement and hard work. (Transfer from the 03 edition of “China Sports News” on September 23)

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