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Betting, the Juventus world is being investigated: “Fagioli’s chat with Bonucci, checks on a member of Allegri’s staff”

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Betting, the Juventus world is being investigated: “Fagioli’s chat with Bonucci, checks on a member of Allegri’s staff”

Inside the Juventus could anyone have known about the bets of Nicholas Beans. Among the papers of Turin Prosecutor’s Officein fact, the name of L also appearsEonardo Bonucci and at least a third person: not a player, but a member of the technical staff of Max Allegri. According to the documents of the investigation that is overwhelming the world of football, according to what they report Republic e there would also be one chat between Fagioli and Bonucci in which the two talk about bets. The defender, who moved from Juventus toHertha Berlinpotentially so it would have been a knowledge of the episodes of his young 22-year-old colleague. And it wouldn’t have been The only within the black and white world: a project is underway on this in-depth analysis investigation by investigators.

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Fagioli is case zero of the betting scandal. The Turin prosecutors had already reached out to him in May, after finding his name in the “accounting” of a platform illegal Of online betting. The Juventus midfielder admitted his gambling addiction and decided to collaborate. From the analysis of his mobile phone, the investigation, which had already begun in 2022 to eliminate illegal sites used by organized crime to to recycle money, has expanded to the world of football. After the accusations of Fabrizio Corona addressed directly to Juventus, the club clarified in a note dated 13 October that “as soon as it received news of a possible involvement of its member Nicolò Fagioli on the subject of betting”, the company “has immediately e promptly contacted the FIGC Federal Prosecutor’s Office”. A version reiterated by the Juventus sporting director, Cristiano Giuntoliat the Trento Sports Festival: “We notified the Federal Prosecutor’s Office at the time, the player and his lawyers immediately made themselves available”.

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None of these statements are currently contradicted by what emerged from the Turin investigation. From the documents, however, the suspicion emerges that someone within the Juventus environment knew of Fagioli’s bets. It isn’t there today no proof that Bonucci bet, but there are conversations between the two on the topic. And there are investigations underway on other Juventus members, such as a staff member. All material that is of interest above all to Prosecutor’s Office Figc: knowing that a footballer bets on matches and Don’t report it it can in fact lead to a disqualification. “Subjects of federal law, managers, members and members of companies who have become aware in any way that companies or persons have carried out or are about to carry out any of the acts indicated in paragraphs 1 and 2”, including the bets on football, in fact, “have the obligation Of informarne, without delay, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office”. This provides the Code of sports justice in paragraph 5 of article 24.

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If the rumors revealed by Republic e Journal were confirmed, Bonucci and others within the Juventus club are at risk. The same article 24 paragraph 5 states: “The failure to comply of this obligation entails the sanction of inhibition or of disqualification not less than six months and a fine of not less than 15mila euro“. In short, any silence on the Fagioli case could be costly. And there is no shortage of precedents: Antonio Conte received a disqualification of 10 months (later reduced to 4 by the National Court of Arbitration of Sport) precisely for omitted complaint – as part of the investigation into Football bets – relating to the Novara-Siena matches on 1 May 2011 and Albinoleffe-Siena on 29 May 2011. At the time Conte was actually sitting on the Siena bench, but had to serve the disqualification while he was already coach of Juventus.

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