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Casemiro Reflects on Joining Manchester United: No Hesitations in New Challenge

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Casemiro Reflects on Joining Manchester United: No Hesitations in New Challenge

Casemiro: Joining Manchester United without any hesitation

Casemiro, the Brazilian footballer, has been hailed as an outstanding signing for Manchester United since his arrival last summer. In a recent interview with the media, Casemiro spoke about the decision to join the club and his ambitions for the future.

Even before Casemiro officially joined Manchester United, he had already expressed his determination to make a difference. After witnessing the team’s devastating 4-0 loss to Brentford and their bottom-placed finish in the Premier League, Casemiro sent a message to his agent, stating, “Tell them (United) I’ll take care of it.”

True to his word, Casemiro made an impressive 51 appearances for Manchester United across all competitions this season. His contributions helped the team secure the League Cup, reach the FA Cup final, and secure a spot in the upcoming UEFA Champions League. With the new season on the horizon, Casemiro’s presence has instilled further excitement among United supporters.

Speaking to Brazilian media, Casemiro revealed the discussions he had with his family before leaving Real Madrid. He stated, “In the beginning, my family and I discussed leaving Real Madrid, and they accepted it immediately. It’s not common for people to leave Real Madrid at my age. However, I still possess the drive to seize opportunities at top-tier clubs.”

He further added, “If this had been two or three years later, I probably wouldn’t have left Real Madrid to join another big club. I wouldn’t have had the ambition to switch leagues. The best part is that the Premier League offer aligns perfectly with what I desired.”

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Casemiro acknowledged the challenging nature of the Premier League, emphasizing that every game is tough and requires maximum effort. He stated, “There are no easy matches here. Even when the top-ranked team faces the bottom-ranked team, victory is not guaranteed. If you approach the game with only 90% of your strength, you risk losing.”

The Brazilian midfielder also expressed his surprise at the enthusiasm shown by the Manchester United fans. He said, “Everyone at the club exudes immense enthusiasm. I felt their love from the very first day. After spending 10 years at Real Madrid, I didn’t expect to be embraced so quickly. It’s not something that happens easily.”

Casemiro praised the team, the staff, and his teammates for helping him settle in quickly. Despite hearing that Manchester can be a challenging city to live in, he affirmed his love for the city and the club.

During the interview, Casemiro displayed great optimism about his transfer to Old Trafford, stating that he had no hesitations about joining Manchester United. He expressed his joy about the new challenge and acknowledged that success would not come immediately, saying, “I am really happy to be here, taking on this new challenge. I understand that it won’t be easy, and we have a long way to go this season. Winning everything cannot be achieved overnight.”

Casemiro’s arrival has undoubtedly made a significant impact on Manchester United, and fans are eagerly anticipating their future endeavors with the talented midfielder on their side.

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