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Chelsea Teenager Bergstrom Shares his Goalkeeping Journey and Loyalty to the Blues

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Chelsea Teenager Bergstrom Shares his Goalkeeping Journey and Loyalty to the Blues

Chelsea Teenager Happy with Goalkeeper Position and Choosing Chelsea

In an exclusive interview with the club’s official website, Chelsea’s young goalkeeper, Bergstrom, discussed his growth experience and his satisfaction with choosing Chelsea as his club.

Bergstrom revealed that he has been playing as a goalkeeper since the age of 14. He attributes his height to the natural fit for the position. “I started playing football at a young age, and at some point in the summer before I turned five, I became a goalkeeper. I’ve always been tall, so it made sense for me to be a goalkeeper,” he said.

When asked about his journey to Chelsea, Bergstrom shared that the club first scouted him when he was 13 years old and had been following his progress ever since. He mentioned that other clubs in England showed interest when he was 15, but his heart was always with Chelsea. “They were the ones who came to me first. I know a lot of people, including some players, at the club. So when the time came to make a decision, it was an easy one to sign the contract. It was a long process, but I am very happy with the choices I’ve made,” revealed Bergstrom.

Reflecting on his experience as a goalkeeper, Bergstrom mentioned that there was a period during his childhood when he didn’t enjoy the position. However, he later embraced it and has been playing as a goalkeeper ever since he was 14. He also highlighted the importance of playing in different positions on the pitch, as it allowed him to develop his skills and understand the game from different angles.

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Bergstrom also spoke about his loan experience, where he played against Chelsea in the League Cup. He described it as a fun and interesting experience, despite knowing a great deal about the club. He found it to be a valuable opportunity for his career growth.

Regarding his call-up to the national team, Bergstrom expressed his delight and honor, emphasizing that only a few players get the chance to represent their country. He mentioned that the familiarity with the players and the atmosphere made the transition easier for him.

Overall, Bergstrom expressed his satisfaction with his position as a goalkeeper and his decision to choose Chelsea as his club. He believes that his experiences have shaped him into a better player and expressed gratitude for the opportunities he has received.

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