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Director Curry’s final runaway super turnaround goes crazy in 106 seconds, three points and three in a row jqknews

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Original title: Director Curry’s last runaway super turnaround 106 seconds three-pointers and three-pointers went crazy

In the away game against the Nets, the scoring leader overtook Durant by 0.1 points. Curry was in his best state and mood. On November 19, 2021, Beijing time, the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 104-89 in the away game. Curry scored 20 points in the last quarter, making 15 of 27 3-pointers and 9 of 16 shots and 40 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists. The best field.

The Warriors started a 10-0 start by the Cavaliers, which seemed to be a back-to-back lack of preparation for the away game. But then Curry took the lead in hitting a three-pointer, and it was another big heads-up. He tilted his body and made a hit, which helped the Warriors break the 3-minute scoring drought. After this, Curry began to exert his strength on the defensive end, but in a one-on-one defense, Rubio almost knocked Curry to the ground, making Mengshen lose face.

Lost face and found it back, Curry then started firing at his dessert position, hitting three-pointers at 45 degrees on the left and detonating the away game. Curry made 4 three-pointers in the entire half, which is considered to have broken a rule of his last few games-Curry had a good three-pointer performance in the last 5 games, and then it was a downturn. After 3 three-pointers, 9 This three-pointer has lasted for 5 games, and this time Curry made 4 three-pointers in the half and extinguished the Cavaliers’ counterattack in the second quarter. The shooting skills of a flying fairy in the counterattack shocked four.

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For the best offenses in the half, Curry was the initiator. One of them was to break through to the inside to attract three double-teams, and then passed back to the layup to keep up with Belica. The Warriors completed the first quarter overtake by Curry. He made a three-pointer after completing the pick-and-roll with Green. The shot allowed the Warriors to retake the lead after falling behind by 13 points in a single quarter. As soon as he came back in the second half, Curry went through a pick and roll with Green and directly threw off Rubio to make a layup.

In the 8th minute of the third quarter, Curry again ran to the left 45 degrees and hit a three-pointer. The Warriors once again overtook the Cavaliers. Curry, who was on the defensive end, was more active. In a scramble, he fell directly to the audience for the ball and was lifted up by the fans and applauded. However, the Warriors, who are good at the third quarter, have a single offensive slump, and Curry has also fallen into an offensive stagnation and only scored 5 points in a single quarter. Entering the final quarter with a 13-point disadvantage, Curry hit a three-pointer in the fourth quarter, and even fell again in the subsequent counterattack too hard. A minute later, Curry made his seventh three-pointer from the bottom line, and two three-pointers stopped the Cavaliers.

In the last 9 minutes of the last quarter, Curry made the eighth three-pointer and set off a 9-0 wave of attacks by himself, with only 106 seconds. A minute later, Curry struck out again, assisting Lee for a layup, and one person led the team to hit a 13-0 attack wave to tie the Cavaliers. In the last 7 minutes of the last quarter, the Warriors finished the lead after Curry hit a layup. In the 17-2 anti-super climax that the Warriors played in the final quarter, Curry delivered 13 points and 2 assists, all made by himself. In the last three minutes of the last quarter, Curry hit the Warriors in the middle of the shot to continue to lead. In the last two minutes of the game, Curry made the ninth three-pointer, and the Warriors had already secured the victory. In the end, with Curry’s crazy performance at the end, the Warriors completed a super reversal and defeated the Cavaliers away.

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(Han Shao)

Is it accidental that the Warriors are number one?

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