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Du Feng: Zhang Ning and Wang Lanchan’s Progressive National Team is open to young players_National Training Team_Competition_1

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Du Feng: Zhang Ning and Wang Lanchan’s Progressive National Team is open to young players_National Training Team_Competition_1

Original title: Du Feng: Zhang Ning, Wang Lanchan, the door of the national team is open to young players

It was reported on November 7 that the Chinese men’s basketball team set off for Tehran, Iran and Manama, Bahrain, to start the journey of two games in the fifth window of the 2023 World Cup Asian qualifiers. Du Feng, the head coach of the Chinese men’s basketball team, was interviewed by the Chinese Basketball Team.

Source of data map: Xinhua News Agency

Q: Please analyze the situation in the fifth window period. What is the goal of this expedition?

Du Feng: In fact, if you win one of these two games, you will basically qualify. For the team, we hope to win both games and go all out to bring out the mental outlook of the men’s basketball team.

Q: What intelligence did we gather about our first opponent, the Iranian team?

Du Feng: Iran actually stopped the league at the beginning of October. It concentrated the team in mid-October. Now it has been intensive training for more than two weeks and three weeks. They are also preparing for their own home. So we also have to prepare for difficulties and play at the level we should be.

Q: Some young players in the CBA league have emerged this season. Will they have the opportunity to be included in the national team selection vision in the future?

Du Feng: Since the start of the new season, we have also seen many players have made great progress. For example, Liao Sanning of Beijing Enterprises, Wang Lanxi of Nanjing, Zhang Ning this season, and Cheng Shuipeng, who I recruited from the national training team before. , Yu Jiahao, I think many players have made great progress and improvement. For these young players, I hope they will continue to work hard to maintain an efficient performance, and the national team will always be open to young players who are prepared and visionary. We will also continue to care and pay attention to these growing young players, and hope they will continue to cheer.

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Q: After a long period of closed training and intensive competition, how did you adjust your mental state and help the players?

Du Feng: Actually, it’s not just me. In the past two or three years, it has not been easy for all the national team members, including the staff. They have been in such high-intensity work for a long time, and basically their life is all work. I think that during the closed concentration period, we also communicated with these young players more often. Everyone cared and helped each other, and then included some psychological adjustments, so that everyone would not have other burdens in this high-pressure work. It is very difficult for everyone, and everyone understands each other. As long as the country calls, they must overcome all kinds of difficulties, and it is obligatory to devote themselves to the preparation process. So I am especially grateful to all the athletes, coaches and staff who came here this time. It’s not easy for everyone, let’s work hard together to complete the task of this window period. Thanks again to all the staff and team members.

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