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Fantasy football Gazzetta, 5 recommended defenders

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Fantasy football Gazzetta, 5 recommended defenders

For the back department, watch out for the possible bonus cars of this ninth day of the championship

Theo is not at the top and challenges Juventus, while Gosens finds little space from 1 ‘. These are tough times for fantasy coaches, who aim to reinforce their defenses by discovering new… bonus machines. The first days of Serie A, in this sense, offered some clues that should not be underestimated: here are five defenders to field this weekend.

DI LORENZO (VALUE: 34 credits)

Eight appearances, one assist, MV of 6.18 and FM of 6.25: the Napoli captain is a certainty for those who use the defense modifier. Against Ajax he gave himself the joy of scoring, against Cremonese he hopes to find the first center of the season in the league. Regardless of the bonuses, Di Lorenzo should give you a smile: the pass card is (almost) guaranteed.

SINGLE (VALUE: 26 credits)

Five appearances but no flash of the real Singo. Where is the winger that everyone wanted in the fanta team? The jewel of the Bull failed to shine at the start of the season, also collecting three yellow cards. Fortunately, the feeling is that at any moment it can leave its mark again. Maybe he will do it on Sunday, against an Empoli that, on paper, the grenades can beat.

DIMARCO (VALUE: 25 credits)

Well in the national team, ok with Roma: Inter’s goal bears his signature. The Nerazzurri winger scored a 7 in the report card against Barcelona as well, demonstrating how much he can affect the performance of Inzaghi’s team. On Saturday he will face Sassuolo away and the neroverdi shouldn’t cause him any particular problems. Deploy it.

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DOIG (VALUE: 20 credits)

Four appearances, two goals, one assist. A small Theo Hernandez seems to be making his way in Verona, with an FM equal to 8 and many bonuses in his legs. The Gialloblù are not able to make it to the top, it is true, but on Sunday they will play against Salernitana who, last weekend, collected five goals from Sassuolo. The outcome of the match is really unpredictable. When in doubt, trust Doig.

KIWIOR (VALUE: 16 credits)

Why bet on him? Because Lewandowski said it. And, above all, because the Pole from Spezia always plays a starter and has never been booked. His average is slightly insufficient (5.87), but the level of his opponents must also be taken into account. This Sunday, for example, Kiwior will play against Monza: if you are looking for a 6 in the report card, he should be able to take it home.

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