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Federer announces retirement or no heir

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Federer announces retirement or no heir

Original title: Federer announced his retirement or no one will inherit the mantle, neither of the two twin girls likes tennis

Generation tennis king Roger Federer finally announced tonight that he will retire after a peak career with a long standby.

After Federer retires, will someone inherit his mantle? At least his sons and daughters are not interested…

According to IC photo

Federer and his wife Mirka have two sets of twins – girls Mila and Charlene, 13, and boys Leo and Lenny, 8. Although both parents are top professional tennis players, none of the four children like tennis, and they never even know that their father was the No. 1 tennis player because they don’t care…

Yes, this was revealed by Federer himself.

Children don’t know their father’s achievements

When Federer’s children were young, Mirka was often seen with them in the stands to support Federer and cheer him on. But such a scene has not been common in recent years.

According to Federer’s own account, the four children have always “didn’t know” how good their father was. “For a long time, my four children didn’t know what I had achieved in my tennis career,” he said in a recent interview. “It was their friends who revealed to them that I was No. 1 in the world. They Just speechless. My victory was never a big family topic.”

Federer’s wife Mirka and twin daughtersAccording to IC photo

Federer admits that his four children have no interest in tennis, and he has been working hard to get them interested in tennis.

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“I’ve been PKing with my kids. I’ve tried to promote tennis at home, playing against Nadal, Djokovic and everyone, but my kids don’t care,” he said.

“They need dad to come home from practice or games. “We try to put the racket in their hand and the ball in the other hand and see what happens. “You can tell pretty quickly if the kids like to play ball or run outside, I think you see.

Netizens once imagined that the Federer family would lead the tennis world

“Four similar-looking players have won all five trophies at this Wimbledon, and they are all named Federer!” After Federer and his wife Mirka gave birth to two sets of twins, creating a small medical miracle, netizens I used to think so.

Genes have a considerable influence on athletes, and Federer, known as the “King of Tennis”, undoubtedly has extremely good tennis genes. His wife Mirka is also a professional tennis player and once ranked 76th in the rankings, which makes the tennis genes of Federer’s four children seem impeccable. In addition, as the children grow up, Federer will be able to work with his wife as a coach after retirement, an opportunity that any tennis player would be envious of.

Mirka and his son watch Federer’s match live according to IC photo

Many fans were looking forward to the Federer family’s future domination of tennis: “Four Slams, Masters, Davis Cup, Olympics, year-end finals, men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles… Champions It’s all from the Federer family!” In fact, as early as the birth of Federer’s twin daughters, the British bookmaker once offered odds, “Federer’s twins will win the Wimbledon women’s doubles title before the age of 25” The odds are 1 Pay 333, “Anyone wins Wimbledon once” is 250 to 1.

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The Federer family’s “unification of the world” has a premise that both pairs of twins are involved in tennis, and he previously revealed that the two daughters “showed good tennis talent”. But as the children grew up, they gradually lost interest in tennis. Everyone’s fantasies are in vain.

When to retire depends on the kids

Federer considered retiring when Mirka gave birth to her first twin daughters in 2009.

He said at the time, “Honestly, when Mirka told me (twins), I was very worried. We didn’t know what to do. Two kids, two girls at once. But since footballers can do it, Why can’t tennis players? Of course taking care of children requires wholeheartedness. I’ll be there when you need me.”

“But when I leave the house, the kids aren’t happy. So when I end my career depends on their attitude, it’s probably coming soon. It’s less painful to stop playing, and I still have a lot of friends.”

Federer enjoys the sun and the beach with his two children according to IC photo

However, because of Mirka’s dedication, Federer has made a good balance between family and career. Five years later, they welcomed a second set of twins.

Federer once said emotionally, “If one day, the child does not want to follow me around, I will tell Mirka: I will not play. But it is not like this now. It is not just because of injuries that I reduce the number of competitions. Also because I don’t want the life of the people I love to be boring. Going to too many events means flying around and packing your bags at all times. People pay to watch me race, and I can’t play exhausted. As long as I race, I just have to be 120,000 points of energy.”

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Today, Federer finally announced his retirement and returned to his family. He hopes that he can change the interests of children and cultivate hope for the future of the global tennis world.

Red Star News reporter Hu Minjuan

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