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Football 2nd Bundesliga: Dusseldorf vs. Hertha BSC – live ticker – 1st matchday – 2023/2024

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Football 2nd Bundesliga: Dusseldorf vs. Hertha BSC – live ticker – 1st matchday – 2023/2024



Klaus is sent on a journey with a long ball. Christensen leaves his sixteen and heads the ball away in front of the 30-year-old. The clearing action lands almost at the center line with Tanaka, who wants to take advantage of the situation and just takes heart. However, the long-range shot lacks the pressure and the ball hops past the goal clearly to the left.



Fortuna is currently having a really hard time. They just can’t think of a way to play the ball forward between the well-organized chains of guests. That’s why the ball keeps bouncing back and forth between the central defenders. However, the Flingerans did not gain any space.



Yellow card for Florian Niederlechner (Hertha BSC)

Zeefuik seems to get a corner out of his repeated excursion into the attacking third with a good tackle. However, the team of referees decides offside. Niederlechner gets so upset about this that he gets the first warning of the game.



It seems as if Hertha is gaining more and more security. The capital club is compact on defense and they look more dangerous on the way forward.



Niederlechner is freed by Fabian Reese on the left edge of the five and immediately pulls away from the run. At the last moment, André Hoffmann throws himself selflessly into the shot and blocks the ball decisively.



For Marten Winkler it really doesn’t go any further. For him, Pal Dárdai, the oldest of the three Dárdai brothers, is a new addition.



Substitution at Hertha BSC: Pal Dárdai



Substitution at Hertha BSC: Marten Winkler



Marten Winkler comes back to the field after his break in treatment and really gets back on the pitch straight away. Of course, this causes annoyance at Fortuna and the referee promptly sends him down again.

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Now there is the first corner for Hertha. Richter brings the ball in high from the left flag and cannot find a teammate. Afterwards, Winkler follows and unhappily twists his ankle. That’s why the 20-year-old is now being treated.



Dusseldorf is clearly the game-determining team. However, the lords of the house are not able to create opportunities from the preponderance of possession. This is mainly due to the fact that the precision of the passes is regularly lacking.



Fortuna Düsseldorf collects some standards in the last few minutes. However, the corner kicks pose no problems for the guests.



Zeefuik is always active on the right wing. This time he puts it down to Richter from the right in the penalty area in the back area. The Hertha captain tries it directly from the second row. However, the long-range shot does not cause any danger and sails well over the box.



Fortuna catches a counterattack after their own corner kick. Reese drives the ball through midfield with speed and sprints towards the two remaining F95 defenders. The attacker is accompanied by two players. Shortly before the sixteen, Reese chooses the pass to the left to Winkler, who has run with it. However, the first contact with the 20-year-old is not correct. That’s why Zimmermann can defuse the situation in dire need.



The Berliners defend in the classic 4-4-2. Fabian Reese and Florian Niederlechner only run into the opposing half in the front line. That’s why the F95 central defenders can collect a lot of ball contacts without much pressure.



The game is currently interrupted because Pascal Klemens fell to the ground after an aerial duel and needs treatment.



Deyovaisio Zeefuik joins in on the offensive. The Dutchman places the ball halfway to the right in front of the penalty area, past his opponent and quickly tries to finish with his left foot. However, his attempt clearly misses the lower right corner.

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Düsseldorf is trying to control the game and is currently collecting a lot of possession. Florian Kastenmeier actively intervenes as a build-up player and is available as a pass between the central defenders.



The beginning is quite broken. Accuracy is still lacking on both sides and long balls are common.



Heavy rain started just in time for the start of the game. Apart from that, however, the external conditions are almost perfect.



Here we go! The Berliners toast and play completely in blue. Düsseldorf holds against it in the usual red and white.



game start


The actors are ready in the catacombs, the stadium is full and the F95 choreo is worth seeing. So everything is set up for a great evening of football. With Christian Dingert, a very experienced referee is in charge of the game. After all, he has already refereed 172 Bundesliga games.


The situation with the guests is completely different. With Toni Leistner, Jeremy Dudziak and Fabian Reese there are three newcomers in the starting line-up. In addition, the Hertha squad is characterized by homegrown talent and the name Dárdai. Pál Dárdai trains all his three sons.


Daniel Thioune relies on a fully integrated team to start with. Newcomers Vincent Vermeij, Yannik Engelhardt, Jamil Siebert and Karol Niemczycki are all on the bench for the time being.


For the Berliners, relegation to the 2nd division meant a clear new start. As a result, everyone around Hertha had to say goodbye to the hopes of the “Big City Club” and think in completely different dimensions. With Pál Dárdai, the blue and whites have at least one coach on the sidelines who knows how to assess the situation soberly and doesn’t want to give rise to false hopes. “If we’re still sitting here at Christmas and have a chance to move up, then it’s good. We’ve had a lot of upheavals, we have to build an axis. The guys have grown together faster than I thought – now we need results. First of all we have to deliver before we make any unrealistic promises to the fans,” the 47-year-old said in advance.

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This year, the people of Düsseldorf clearly belong to the group of aspirants for promotion. The Rhinelanders finished fourth in the last season and managed to keep the team together for the most part. From the starting eleven of the 34th matchday only Karbownik (Brighton & Hove Albion) and Kownacki (Werder Bremen) are no longer part of the squad. But not only the composition of the team gives the red and white great hope, but also the preparation. They went unbeaten in six matches and won five. In the dress rehearsal they were even able to set a real exclamation mark with a 3-1 win against VfL Bochum.


Today’s duel not only sounds like Bundesliga, but also took place in the top German division for the last time. In the 2019/20 season, the two clubs met one floor up. At that time, Hertha won the first leg 3-1 and in the second half of the season there was a spectacular 3-3 draw in which the Berliners caught up from a 3-0 deficit. A similar high-scoring affair may later also be.


Hello and welcome to the first top Saturday night game of the 2023/24 season. Fortuna Düsseldorf hosts Hertha from Berlin. In particular, things are hardly better in the 2nd Bundesliga. Accordingly, the traditional duel is eagerly awaited by many fans. Kick-off is at 8:30 p.m. in the Merkur Spiel-Arena.

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