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Frosinone Lazio, Di Francesco: ‘Stupid goal scored, we pay for any carelessness’

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Frosinone Lazio, Di Francesco: ‘Stupid goal scored, we pay for any carelessness’

It’s a By Francesco the one who presents himself to Sky Sport’s microphones after the home defeat (sixth knockout since February and third from last place in the standings) against Lazio is dark-faced. The coach of Frosinone he complains about the opportunities wasted in the advantage situation and the mistakes made during the goals conceded. “We congratulate Frosinone for the first 35 minutes – he said -. It’s unfortunate as always lately, I’m also tired of always responding in the same way to the performances. It makes me angry that when we had the game in hand we had to be more determined in closing it out. In the first opportunity we defended very poorly we conceded a stupid goal, easily understood, we had to have a different position within the area. It’s a shame then we conceded two goals from set pieces, Castellanos scored in the first leg and today with the first ball. And it’s a shame for a match played with such quality in some moments, having to talk about a defeat is annoying. Zaccagni’s network? When you are in a situation like this the first central defender was out, Romagnoli, he had gone to close a ball in the area, then the two have to go and cover the goal together but neither of them went, from my point of view they have to go there first the central defender who has to cover such a ball. Their player could only put it in front with the cross, impossible to put it behind, we had to be better at maintaining the position. This goal comes after so many things done well and this makes me sad: because if they had dominated us… as happened against Roma. These carelessness happen to us too often and we pay for them“.

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“There may be anxiety, but we need to get rid of it immediately”

“When you do well, maybe you concede something also in terms of characteristics, to try to compete with strong teams – continued Di Francesco -. If we had taken a counterattack you would be sorry, but in this situation it is just a tactical error, where attention drops in some moments of the match. And I can’t continue to train her. The too many goals conceded also become a flaw of this team, but I would also analyze how we conceded them. It’s true that the 60 goals conceded could cause anxiety, but we have to get rid of it immediately otherwise we won’t come out. At the first shot we conceded a goal, the same happened against Sassuolo. We must reduce errors to a minimum and try to continue working on it, iThe fact that there is a bit of fear is normal because we find ourselves in this ranking position but we need to be strong in this too, we need to mature in this direction otherwise we won’t go anywhere. I also said that I wanted to play badly and try to bring some points home, but these guys have trained all this time in one direction and I don’t change that from them, I say that in a positive sense. However, we are not rewarded by this. They tell me what if you lower yourself and defend yourself better, did you see today? Three goals scored like this. I hope that we will be more concrete both in the offensive and defensive phases.”

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