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Hebei Province Sports Games Concludes with Record Participation and Remarkable Achievements

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Hebei Province Sports Games Conclude with Remarkable Achievements and Record Participation

Handan City, Hebei Province, September 16, 20XX – The 16th Hebei Province Sports Games came to a successful end at the closing ceremony held in Handan City. The event showcased the remarkable achievements in the development of sports in Hebei Province and inspired the people of the province to strive for progress in Chinese-style modernization.

This year’s games witnessed the largest scale in the history of the event, with a record-breaking number of participants. A total of 18,782 athletes from across the province competed in 67 major events and 1,800 minor events in the youth and mass groups. The athletes’ participation surpassed the previous Provincial Games, with more than 30,000 person-times recorded. Additionally, the event attracted 10,000 visitors, making it the Hebei Province Games with the largest number of events and participants in history.

The competition level was significantly elevated, and the Provincial Games became a platform for cultivating and showcasing talented athletes. The youth group displayed exceptional skills and achieved extraordinary results. Athletes such as Gao Weizhong in swimming and Sun Sibei in BMX, among others, broke 81 Provincial Games records and were selected for the national team. A total of 529 young athletes were sent to the provincial team for further training. In winter sports, 37 athletes reached the level of national first-class athletes.

Hebei Province athletes also excelled in national and international competitions this year. They won a total of 19 gold, 18 silver, and 25 bronze medals in national A and B competitions in summer events. Furthermore, they secured 4 gold, 4 silver, and 8 bronze medals in the highest international level competitions. In winter sports, the adult group won 15 gold medals and ranked fifth in the country. Meanwhile, the youth group won 13 gold medals and ranked second in the country.

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Looking ahead, Hebei Province will be well-represented at the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games. A total of 28 athletes from the province, including Tokyo Olympic gold medalists Gong Lijiao, Sun Yingsha, and Li Bingjie, have been officially selected to compete.

Furthermore, the Provincial Games served as a catalyst for promoting national fitness and encouraging broad participation. The mass group introduced popular sports such as football, basketball, healthy running, and skiing to cater to the diverse interests of participants. With over 3,000 participants, the Provincial Games truly became a sports event for people of all ages. The inclusion of the elderly group further lowered the entry threshold and created an all-age friendly event system.

The Hebei Province Sports Games also contributed to the construction and renovation of sports venues. Handan City, as the host city, prioritized venue development, constructing four new sports centers and renovating 22 venues. The aim was to provide a first-class competition environment and excellent facilities, earning high praise from athletes, coaches, and referees. The Handan Sports Center, the venue for the opening ceremony, has become a new landmark in the city. This momentum has prompted a wave of venue construction across the province, with a total of 89 venues already built. Additionally, 110 central venue projects planned and constructed at the provincial, municipal, and county levels are underway, with 60 already in the construction phase. It is expected that 23 central venues will be completed and put into use by the end of the year.

The event organization for this year’s games was highly professional and efficient. The organizing committee meticulously trained outstanding coaches, referees, and event support personnel, ensuring the smooth running of the games. The competition department implemented a competition supervision responsibility system, conducting on-site inspections and video surveillance to maintain strict standards. The emphasis on fair competition led to the absence of issues such as age fraud, qualification fraud, and unfair refereeing during the event. The organizing committee also placed great importance on anti-doping measures, conducting 250 doping tests in 15 projects, ensuring a clean and fair competition.

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The safety and security of the Provincial Games were prioritized, with extensive safety management and precautions implemented. From security to food hygiene, medical rescue to traffic evacuation, and emergency response, all aspects were thoroughly planned and executed, resulting in a safe and incident-free event.

With the successful conclusion of the 16th Hebei Province Sports Games, Hebei Province sets its sights on continued sports development, aiming to build on the achievements and further elevate the level of sports in the province.

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