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Human letter style variety show “I Believe” will be broadcast soon, China Mobile Migu invites you to “expand letter and read life”-Qianlong.com.cn

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Human letter style variety show “I Believe” will be broadcast soon, China Mobile Migu invites you to “expand letter and read life”-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: People’s Letters and Letters Variety Show “I Believe” will be broadcast soon, China Mobile Migu invites you to “Exhibit Letters and Read Life”

In the elegant and quiet room of time, unfold a piece of fragrant paper, and feel the power of belief along the vein of time. The original human letter program “I Believe” co-produced by China Mobile Migu, Dragon TV, and Southern Weekend will be premiered tonight (August 5) at 20:30. broadcast. In the program, Han Xue will serve as a “trust person”, and together with Deng Yaping, Shan Jixiang, Shui Qingxia, Xiao Jingteng, Wang Peiyu and other guests, use letters to interpret life and find the power of “belief”.

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“A piece of letterhead, a period of life, there is light in the heart, and it will reach a distant place.” “I Believe” invites heavy stars in the fields of humanities, art, sports, and music as the main guests at the scene. Next, the story of life is told through “a letter to myself”, “a letter from others to pay tribute”, and “a letter to an idol”. Among them, either the vivid scenes of the times are sealed, or the touching moments of retrospective memories are hidden. The four letters that connect each other’s life beliefs are not only narrative structures, but also show strong spiritual power. In the first episode of the program, which was launched tonight, Deng Yaping, a table tennis grand slam winner and Olympic champion, as the “letter writer”, wrote the first letter to “the old racket who has been with me for more than 30 years”. Why is this old racket that accompanied Deng Yaping in two Olympic Games, why can she be called “secret weapon”? How did it witness Deng Yaping’s transformation from Olympic champion, to Cambridge scholar, to “Boss” and “Tiger Mother” Inspirational life? “I Believe” will reveal the suspense for you one by one.

In addition, in the “Letter Moment” section, Deng Yaping will also receive letters of tribute from the Olympic champion Xu Mengtao, “This Is Hip-hop 3” champion Yang Kai and other guests as the “receiver”. Xu Mengtao, who has been in the Winter Olympics for four times, bluntly said that she is Deng Yaping’s “little fan girl”, saying that “the champion sister” Deng Yaping opened her yearning for the Olympic champion; also inspired by the “Deng Yaping story”, the “Chinese street dancer” grew up “, will also pay tribute to the Olympic spirit on the stage, and present a passionate hip-hop performance. At the end of the program, the mainline guest Deng Yaping will also usher in his “letter moment”, expressing gratitude and gratitude to his mentor Zhang Xielin in the form of a handwritten letter, and this heart-warming session is also highly anticipated by everyone.

It is worth mentioning that “I Believe” uses XR technology to empower the stage, creating a diverse and in-depth immersive experience for all kinds of “letters” in the show. Through the way of film and television shooting, the historical narration in the letters of the guests can be restored in real scenes. The audience can walk through the time tunnel constructed by the letters with the camera, and feel the reunion and resonance of belief in the interweaving of multiple life fragments. In today’s era of the prevalence of visual culture, “I Believe” as a humanities variety show, while deeply excavating excellent content, uses new technologies such as AI and XR to continuously innovate the program scenes, making the program more textured, and also for the audience. Provide a more extreme and immersive viewing experience.

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As the producer of the program, China Mobile Migu has been continuously cultivating in the content field to build a new sports and entertainment pattern. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, in addition to the live broadcast of the full events, Migu launched a number of self-made programs, weaving a richer content network for the audience besides sports, and won the recognition and reputation of the audience. Migu has also continued to make efforts in the field of entertainment. This year, it launched the first large-scale documentary on the subject of performing arts in China, “I Learn to Perform in Human Arts”, so that the audience can see the success of the spirit of human arts. Dao, conveys a positive and warm view of marriage and love through the reality observation variety show “Late Lover”. In the future, China Mobile Migu will continue to meet the diverse content needs of users, and will continue to produce high-quality content in film and television, variety shows, cultural blogs, and entertainment.

The pen is a letter, and the echo is a thought. Although there are only two words for “faith”, it has a thousand powers between the lines of the letter. From August 5th, every Friday at 20:30, we will lock the Migu video, follow the steps of “I Believe” together, and touch the faith and temperature in Yansu Yujian. Every Saturday at 12:00, the exclusive version of Migu Video members will be launched, so stay tuned.

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