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Inter: Barella inspires, Brozo hits: Inzaghi returns to win dragged by his leaders

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Inter: Barella inspires, Brozo hits: Inzaghi returns to win dragged by his leaders

In the measure success against Turin there is the signing of the two midfielders returning from a period of decline

Without the LuLa, temporarily crippled, Inter rediscovers the other award-winning golden couple, the “B&B”. That couple used to conducting the orchestra for some time now. The one on which Inter’s destinies and results often depend, at least since the days of Conte. That same couple from which Inzaghi (and not only) was expecting a sign of reaction, a shock to reverse the drift taken by Inter in recent weeks. Barella and Brozovic, the two “senators” in an identity crisis for a month or so now, have taken the helm back in their time of need with a winning play on the wire that, by knocking down Toro, has given Inter back momentum and new prospectives.


The winning goal packaged by the “B&B” at 89 ‘cannot certainly cancel the last subdued collective performances, nor the abundant hour of struggle and sweat at San Siro against an aggressive and proactive Toro who, opportunities in hand, would not have deserved defeat. But in such a delicate moment you certainly cannot look after the hair, just as small encouraging signs cannot be underestimated. Those, for example, who launched Barella and Brozovic by putting the signature on the three points against the grenade. That it was they who removed the chestnuts from the fire, invested with the role of leader by popular acclaim due to the specific weight they also have in the dressing room, gives an added value to the victory obtained at the end of a battle, when to prevail it was necessary to put that extra pinch of heart. There, when Inter needed his guides, the “B&B” materialized to give that needed shock.

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The Sardinian first of all, because before that illuminating post with the tachometer for his friend Brozo it seemed another colorless evening like those experienced at the Olimpico or in the derby. Soft and unloading for an abundant hour, even against the grenades the blue midfielder saw little and nothing in support of the attack, but there was no trace of those gestures of nervousness and those continuous reproaches for which he was made note in this first part of the season. The clarity and personality exhibited in packaging that kiss assist are then the proof that the real Barella is always there. At the most, it is a question of working on continuity and on those legs that sometimes seem not to respond.


The other happy face of the Nerazzurri victory is that Brozovic who is struggling to express himself at his usual levels. Even against Taurus the Croatian ran into a long series of mistakes, especially in the setting phase. A question of wrong movements and times, gross technical errors, perhaps the result of a non-optimal condition. Still, the conductor never loses touch. The central insertion to break the defense and that rapacious flicker to anticipate and mock Milinkovic are always the result of that magic that the Croatian at this moment simply struggles to express with the usual naturalness. Remains the mole of the fourth yellow card remedied, not just a detail. But in the meantime the Croatian is (re) discovering that vice for scoring that he had lost a few years ago, after the first three seasons in the Nerazzurri scored by 12 centers in the league. With the goal at Toro following the one achieved in the derby, Brozo has already equaled the entire tally of the last two seasons, moreover in the space of just six days (new personal best). He who knows that the Croatian does not take pleasure in it.

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