Home Sports Juventus, the Brazilians are back for the resumption of Serie A: Danilo, Alex Sandro and Bremer

Juventus, the Brazilians are back for the resumption of Serie A: Danilo, Alex Sandro and Bremer

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Juventus, the Brazilians are back for the resumption of Serie A: Danilo, Alex Sandro and Bremer

Danilo, Alex Sandro and Bremer: hello Qatar. They return early for the comeback mission

Juventus restarts from defence, even on the pitch. Yesterday at Continassa Giorgio Chiellini met again, the warrior of the cycle of nine consecutive championships. That of the former captain, despite the dreams of the fans on social media, was only a pleasure visit. The Tuscan centre-back, on holiday in Italy after his MLS triumph with Los Angeles FC, took advantage of the free time to greet his former team-mates and the Juventus staff. Massimiliano Allegri in a few hours first embraced one of his “favorite professors”, then also three pieces of his current iron defense. Yes, because last night, with Brazil’s elimination from the World Cup in Qatar, the black and whites in one fell swoop brought back Bremer, Danilo and Alex Sandro. This increases the chances of Juventus appearing at the resumption of the championship, set for early January, with all the rearguard available. Anything but a detail for a team that, before the break, moved up the standings thanks to the rediscovered solidity of the golden times. In the last six days before the World Cup, Juventus has made a clear path: 6 victories (Turin, Empoli, Lecce, Inter, Verona, Lazio) and 0 goals conceded. If captain Bonucci and his companions have gone from eighth to third place, most of the merits must be attributed to the defensive phase in general and to the wall raised in front of Szczesny. Not surprisingly, just like at the time of the Serie A championships, Allegri’s team has returned to having the best defense in Serie A: just 7 goals conceded in the first 15 days.

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The comeback weapon

The Juventus coach expects more goals in the second half of the season, relying above all on the returns of Federico Chiesa, Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria (and also on a better physical condition of Vlahovic), but he will always be the “iron defense” l Juventus’ extra weapon. That’s why, although Danilo, Bremer and Alex Sandro will have to get over the disappointment of being eliminated on penalties against Croatia, finding the green-gold trio a few days early is much more than good news for the Bianconeri. Now the three Brazilians will go on vacation and will have at least ten days to rest and put the disappointment of Qatar behind them. The exact return program will be finalized in the next few hours. It is not excluded that Danilo, Bremer and Alex Sandro may return even before Christmas. In any case, day after day, they will come back with two less World Cup rounds in their legs, the semi-final just missed and the eventual final.

Rotations for Cremona

Having the trio back early will allow Allegri and the Juventus staff to check their conditions first – Danilo and Alex Sandro also suffered injuries in Qatar – in order to be able to manage their return in the best possible way. Especially in view of the third stage of the restart: the direct clash on January 13th at Napoli. Certainly Allegri will do everything to have the three Brazilians polished for that evening. While in the first two games – on January 4 in Cremona and on the 7 at the Allianz Stadium against Udinese – it would not be surprising if the coach decided to focus on the reliability of “made in Italy”. Bonucci, Daniele Rugani and Federico Gatti, returning from the two weeks of vacation and the first days of training at Continassa, will arrive in January with fresh legs and head. Not all three are Italians, at least two (Gatti and Bonucci) could lead the restart in Cremona. Probably together with Bremer, who of the Brazilians is the one who wears out the least in Qatar.

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