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Also known as “the Tour de France of ski mountaineering”, the Pierra Menta is the race that has allowed, in recent years, to consolidate the value and positioning of Karpos within the racing world, completing the picture of extensive work begun with the ongoing collaborations with the Italian national team and the Army Sports Center.

The renewal of the partnership with Pierra Menta is the natural continuation of a path that is giving us great satisfaction” comments Giuseppe Lira, Karpos Brand Manager. “On the one hand for the climate and spirit of Pierra Menta, in line with the principles that have always animated Karpos; on the other side because here we are in front of a sporting monument, where the champions of ski mountaineering compete. Alongside Pierra Menta we have the opportunity to anticipate the future, to experiment and imagine the best performing ski mountaineering garments, positioning ourselves as industry leaders. This is also, and above all, thanks to our Research and Development department, which, capturing the sensations of athletes, enthusiasts and amateurs, works on the continuous improvement of the garments, pursuing principles of lightness, breathability and protection.”.

For another 3 years, Pierra Menta will wear Karpos green. As Main Sponsor of the Karpos event you will in fact provide the technical clothing for the organization and its staff, essential to be able to work in the field even in the event of adverse conditions; and the goody bag for the overall and youth competitions. The renewed partnership represents the continuation of a synergy that has consolidated and enriched in recent years, allowing Karpos to make itself known in the French market, both to lovers of competitions and to all those who prefer a more exploratory approach to ski mountaineering.

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This is the spirit that immediately guaranteed a synergy between Pierra Menta and Karpos: an international approach, which looks to a wider audience. As demonstrated by the “Étape de la Pierre”, where amateurs and enthusiasts have the opportunity to test themselves and have fun on the same route, on the same lines as the great champions. The same spirit, made of passion and fun, with which our brand was born and is developing.

La Pierra Menta

More than 600 participants, 4 days, 10 thousand meters of altitude difference. They say that Pierra Menta is the “Tour de France” of ski mountaineering. On the mountains of Arêches-Beaufort (France), where the race is staged every year, sweat and effort mix with the joy and pleasure of ski mountaineers. At the beginning it was the bet of a group of friends. Thus the Pierra Menta was born in 1985, defined by the creators themselves as a “Dakar on the snow”. A slightly crazy idea which over the months took shape in a now iconic route which touches 15 peaks between 2000 and 2687 metres, with exhausting climbs and dizzying descents. In March 1986 everything was ready for the first edition in which 15 teams, all French, participated. From that moment the history of Pierra Menta was enriched with stories, challenges and anecdotes which quickly transformed it into a legend. The numbers are growing rapidly, so much so that in 2006, twenty years after its birth, there were 175 registered teams and over 4000 people who went up to enjoy the spectacle. In the meantime, everything happens, ski mountaineering myths are born and celebrated the heroes of Pierra, such as Fabio Meraldi who would win the race twelve times. But also Kilian Jornet, Laetitia Roux and the boys from the Army Sports Centre, such as Matteo Eydallin, Michele Boscacci and Damiano Lenzi.

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