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Milan, the story of the pickpocket Ibrahimovic “impossible” to arrest

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Milan, the story of the pickpocket Ibrahimovic “impossible” to arrest

Milano – The only way to stop Ibrahimovic must be arresting her . But it is not easy. Written all female, because of course the protagonist is only one of the same name from the Milan footballer currently in rehabilitation after the delicate surgery on his left knee.

Who is

Twenty-two years old, L. is an Italian pickpocket but with the surname that denounces the same Bosnian origins the unstoppable Zlatan. She ended up in for one night after trying, along with an accomplice, to emptying a Chinese tourist’s purse on the subway escalator . And when she stopped her she also waved the card of despair: she yes she is played all out swearing to be pregnant. Too bad it wasn’t true.


The episode dates back a few days ago he is no different from many others, were it not for the heavy surname carried by one of the two girls. Together with the other, a 26-year-old Italian of Croatian origins, L. was on the escalator of the mezzanine of the green line in Central Station and both were watched over by Mobile agents as they wandered among travelers grappling with bags. At a certain point, in fact, the “Ibra” came as close as possible behind a Chinese tourist in the company of his wife, and while her accomplice stood between them and the other passengers, she slipped hands in the victim’s purse and with great skill he took out his cell phone.

The capture

On the most beautiful , But, agents intervened and the young thief let the mobile fall back into the bag, while the masks ended up on the ground. Arrested for attempted theft aggravated by “dexterity” but then it was released by the judge.

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Set free

The Cassation says that if the bag is on the victim, we cannot speak of theft with “dexterity” , which presupposes the ability to take advantage of the distraction of the robbed. Simple attempted theft only, no compulsory arrest or pre-trial detention in prison . E not even domiciliary, since L. is homeless . “Ibra” got away with the simple obligation to sign. Every day (except Sundays) he must show up from 3 to 4 pm to the police station or to the “territorially competent” barracks, writes the judge. But what can it be for a homeless person?

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