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Olympia: Continued confusion about ÖOC elections

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Olympia: Continued confusion about ÖOC elections


There is still confusion surrounding the new elections in the Austrian Olympic Committee (ÖOC). The five professional associations that had convened an extraordinary general meeting withdrew the motion for such a general meeting and for elections to be held. First, open legal questions have to be clarified, it said in an email to the ÖÖC board. However, he is sticking to the meeting on Monday.

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The ÖOC had withdrawn its confidence from the election committee, which was supposed to prepare the board elections and presented a – for some heavily disputed – complete election proposal, whereupon five associations – swimming, golf, gymnastics, basketball, wrestling – convened an extraordinary general meeting.

On June 14, at the ÖOC board meeting, it was decided that the election proposal – slightly adapted by the committee – should be put to the vote at the Extraordinary General Meeting on July 3. This was done to bring calm back to the tense situation, as the ÖOC said, and to let the members decide.

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ÖOC accepts the election proposal

Those five associations now see “significant formal and content-related ambiguities” in the steps taken by the ÖOC to prepare for the extraordinary general meeting. Once again it is questioned whether the current board of directors is still in office at all. In addition, one sees the application of the umbrella organizations to carry out an arbitration procedure on the question of whether the election committee is still in office blocked.

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Legal or not?

According to an expert opinion, the five associations are of the opinion that with their withdrawal, no extraordinary general meeting can “take place with legal effect” on July 5th and that all further steps by the entire board are “void”, the APA quotes the dated June 30th and says it loudly mailing of this letter.

The ÖOC stated via broadcast that the Extraordinary General Meeting had been duly convened by the Executive Board and would therefore take place on Monday. “There are several motions that the 47 voting members will vote on. The board of directors resolutely rejects the untruths spread by five associations,” the organization announced on Saturday.

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