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Pensions share 103 latest news: the updated Inps Faq

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Pensions share 103 latest news: the updated Inps Faq

The INPS site gives access to one’s “pensionometer”, a useful tool for calculating one’s pension as well as the years remaining to obtain it

The 2023 Budget law has – among other things – strongly impacted the pension calculation that millions of Italians will be forced to do old and new generation. To try to offer some clarifications is the Inps which among its Updated FAQs in these hours he spoke of Quota103of the extension of theSocial waters e you Option Woman (but not only). First of all, the institute focuses on a certainty: the pension for young people is always more a mirage. He therefore gives access to his pensionometer, a useful tool for calculating his pension as well as the years remaining to obtain it.

twenty year olds

In essence, the INPS simulator confirms that retiring for the “young” It’s getting harder. Inps, in particular, calculates that a recent graduate of 24 yearswho is lucky enough to enter the job market immediately, will be able to retire early a 70 years old. All if and only if he has accumulated his contributions for at least 46 years and 6 months without interruption. In the same way, on the other hand, the old-age pension would reach the completion of 70 years and six months, with over 20 years of contributions. For those who have less than 20 years of contributions (and more than 5) the old-age pension will be postponed by a lot, i.e. up to 74 years and 10 months.

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the thirty-year-olds

Different speech – and slightly better – however, for i born in the 90s. In fact, today’s thirty-year-olds will be able to leave their jobs at “only” 70 years old, with 20 years of contributions, while for the advance payment 45 years of contributions will be needed, without registry posts. The situation is also improving for those born in the 1980s: forty-year-olds, who started working in 2008, at 25 years old, will be able to retire early at 66 years and 4 months of age, with 20 years of effective contributions. On the other hand, the old-age pension will reach 69 years and 6 months of age and 20 years of contributions (the amount of the pension will not be less than 1.5 of the amount of the social allowance).

how does quota 103 work

As is known, the use of Quota 103 is linked to an attempt to postpone the return of Fornero law. In essence, quota 103 gives workers the ability to retire a 62 years of age and 41 of contributions. All of this, however, only if these requirements have been met by 31 December 2023, with a window that will therefore close this year. Also, explain the INPSthe maximum ceiling of the gross amount of the pension allowance must not exceed five times the minimum treatment: i.e. 2,818.65 euros gross per month.

the watershed date

Furthermore, the INPS itself has established a watershed date: the 31 December 2022. Workers who have matured the requisites necessary to obtain Quota 103 by that date, they will be able to make use of the first window (that of April 1st for private workers and August 1st for public ones). While, in 2023 the workers will be able to leave their jobs three months later who have matured the requirements, if private workers, and six months later if public. Those who, despite meeting the requirements, decide to remain in service, will receive a sum equal to the contribution normally paid by the worker (9.19%).

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female option

Early retirement benefits for female workers who want to retire before the pre-established number of years worked by Quota 103 is then confirmed. In this case, the measure requires at least 35 years of contributionsbut new age thresholds: for female workers with at least two children, this amounts to 58 years oldwhile for those with only one child a 59 years old. Finally, of 60 for those who have none. Furthermore, the INPS continues, to access early treatment, female workers must be in one of the following situations: assisted for at least six months (at the time of the request) one or more relatives with a severe handicap; are themselves in possession of a disability of at least 7%; have been fired or employed in a company for which a comparison table is open for corporate crisis.

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