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Qatar World Cup, rainbow band: Neuer’s choice

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Qatar World Cup, rainbow band: Neuer’s choice

At 14 the Germans make their debut against Japan. The issue of LGBT+ rights is at stake: the Football Federation is under pressure, what will the captain do?

Doubts, but above all controversies. In Germany, the issue relating to the rainbow band is the subject of debate. Manuel Neuer would like to wear it, to the point that public opinion, which is pressuring us to openly stand in favor of human and minority rights, is clamoring to meet the sanctions threatened by Fifa. The German federation could therefore go against the input received. Also for this reason today’s match against Japan at 2 pm is particularly eagerly awaited. What will Germany actually do?


The DFB is actually under pressure. Claiming that you want to wear it, surrendering in front of a yellow card, would almost be a counterproductive message, as if the fight for rights was worth less than the sanctions. In the meantime, the Rewe supermarket chain, a giant in Germany, has renounced its sponsorship and collaboration with the Dfb during the World Cup. Souque, the head of the company, explained that “the scandalous position of Fifa is for me, as CEO of a company that welcomes diversity, but also as a fan, completely unacceptable”. Dfb president Bernd Neuendorf tried to defend himself by specifying that Fifa “has not expressly said what would happen if we played with the armband, we are talking about sporting sanctions”.


In the most extreme case, the Germany-Japan match director, in addition to booking Neuer, could decide to suspend the match, which would put the Germans at risk of being excluded from the tournament. Even if it were, public opinion reflects, it would be a very strong signal, just what is needed in the fight for rights. However, the Dfb also thinks about the possible consequences: the possible (and theoretical) break with Fifa would lead to a lack of millions of revenues that the German federation also uses to support the amateur movement. And here in Germany, at least until 2 pm, there will be doubts. After that, certainly controversy. In one direction or another.

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