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Raimond surrenders to the French of the Pountault

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Handball, the Sassari team collapses in the final in the “Banco di Sardegna” tournament Today, Kokuca’s team plays the final 3rd and 4th place against Bressanone

SASSARI. On the second day of the 3rd international handball tournament “Banco di Sardegna”, Raimond Sassari loses against Pountault-Combault with the score 23-34, while in the other match the Luxembourgers of Esch beat Brixen 30-29. It was a beautiful and hard-fought competition between the Sassari and the Parisians. Pippo Kokuca had to do without 4 fundamental pawns (Querin, Halilkovic, Delogu and Bardi) absent due to physical problems, but as long as they held their legs they faced even the most popular opponents.

For 40 ‘the result has always been in the balance, the difference was made by the depth of the roster and last night’s game on the hosts’ legs. Suffice it to say that the French managed to bring twelve players to the scorers against the seven of Sassari. Kokuca initially fielded Leban between the posts, Brzic in the control room, Bronze and Nardin ali, Bargelli pivot, Vrdoljak and Pereira full backs, with captain Mbaye as a substitute in defense. The score remains tied for 15 minutes then comes the 5-1 break of Pountault-Combault, which seems to channel the game. The Sassari are good at reacting vehemently by returning the same partial in a short time then it is a Bronze goal that brings the hosts ahead, at the end of the time the Parisians reach 15 all.

In the second half the French raise the level of the game even more, Raimond resists for another 10 ‘, then the physical collapse also due to a different level of preparation, for the guests the road is paved by going to conquer the first two points of the tournament . Excellent refereeing of the female couple formed by Onnis and Pepe. Today at 6 pm, again at PalaSantoru, the Pountault-Combault will meet the Esch, at 8.30 pm the tasty preview of the Italian A1 championship in the meeting between Raimond and Bressanone.

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Raimond: Bardi, Bargelli 2, Bomboi 1, Bronzo 5, Brzic, Carta, De Prete, Halikovic, Leban, Mbaye, Mura, Nardin 4, Pereira 7, Pintori, Spanu, Vrdoljak 2. All. Pippo Kokuca Pountault-Combault: Horvat, Gervelas, Dupoux 8, Schneider 3, Pasquet 2, Gunko 2, Lemal 3, Da Silva Ferreira 1, Souid 2, Bouity 5, Danesi 3, Badi 3, Guillaumat, Moran 1, Ouzrour, Canton -Laotian.

Meanwhile, the first day of the Città del Redentore tournament was also held yesterday. At the multipurpose gym in Nuoro, in the morning, the very strong Corsicans of Handball Ajaccio beat VerdeAzzurro Sassari with a score of 33-19, while Albatro Syracuse had the better (27-13) of the Dutch V&G Geleen. In the evening, VerdeAzzurro Sassari beat Geleen 23-21 while Ajaccio got the better of Syracuse with the result of 17-16.

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