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“Salute to the Olympic Spirit”

Market Information Network 2023-06-25 16:11:05 Source: People’s Daily Online Author: Wang Dong Comments:

Original title: “Salute to the Olympic Spirit”

June 23rd is International Olympic Day. The launching ceremony of the second phase of the “Salute to the Olympic Spirit” theme series, namely the “6.23km+relay run” event, was held at the Olympic Declaration Square in Beijing. A number of Olympic champions, world champions, Olympic torchbearers and more than 200 sports enthusiasts participated in the event.

IOC President Bach sent a congratulatory letter entitled “Running to Paris, France: Tribute to the Olympic Spirit” for the event. In his congratulatory letter, Bach pointed out that since ancient times, the Olympic Games have been promoting world peace through sports. During the Games, athletes put aside barriers and compete together, making the Games a powerful symbol of peace.

Bach pointed out that under the guidance of the Olympic agenda, the 2024 Paris Olympic Games will usher in a new era of the Olympic movement. The Paris Olympic Games will be a more inclusive, younger, more urbanized and more sustainable sports event. The Paris Olympic Games will break through the tradition of opening the Olympic Games in stadiums, and for the first time, the opening ceremony will be held on both sides of the Seine River in central Paris. With the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and other famous landmarks in the background, tens of thousands of people will cheer for outstanding athletes from all over the world.

The congratulatory letter will serve as the preface to the forthcoming “Olympic Manifesto – A Beautiful Olympic Culture Volume IV”. Bach said that the “Olympic Manifesto – Beautiful Olympic Culture Volume IV” specially planned and published by “Civilization” magazine will surely promote the wider spread of the Olympic spirit in China and around the world.

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On January 1, 2008, with the exclusive authorization of the International Olympic Committee, “Civilization” magazine released the “Olympic Manifesto” in Chinese, English and French to the world in Beijing. On June 23, 2012, under the guidance of Rogge, then President of the International Olympic Committee, authorized by the International Olympic Committee and approved by Beijing, the Capital Civilization Project Foundation and “Civilization” magazine built the world‘s No. An “Olympic Manifesto Square”. On the same day, under the guidance and support of the International Olympic Committee, the series of activities of “Propagating the “Olympic Manifesto” to Global Civilization” was launched in Beijing Olympic Manifesto Square. Rogge proposed to the Olympic family, “Let the “Olympic Manifesto” spread from Beijing to the world“.

As an important part of the “Olympic Manifesto” series of activities to spread global civilization, the “Salute to the Olympic Spirit” series of activities was officially launched on Olympic Day last year in Beijing, the “Double Olympic City”. This event was co-sponsored by Capital Civilization Project Foundation, Civilization Magazine and other organizations. Participants can participate in the activity in the form of “6.23 kilometers +” online accumulated running mileage through the Joy Running Circle platform anywhere in the country. The entire event will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will last for a whole year starting from June 23 last year, and the second phase will continue until the opening of the Paris Olympic Games on July 26, 2024.

At the event site, the theme song “Run, Olympic Youth” of the “Salute to the Olympic Spirit” series was released to the world. The song is released in Chinese and French, calling on young students all over the world who love sports to pay tribute to the Olympic spirit by singing the theme song and participating in sports.

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