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Serie A, how many clubs for sale. The future of Inter and Roma

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Serie A, how many clubs for sale.  The future of Inter and Roma

Italian football on display. Not just regarding the last round of Europawhich saw almost an en plein of our teams on stage between the various competitions, but also with regards to the actual economic scene.

Our football is increasingly in crisis, with budgets continually in the red, revenues that never match the expenses, investments that almost never manage to return. This is why the owners of the top clubs are starting to look around, talking about transfers, listening to proposals. In short, to put themselves in the spotlight, sometimes secretly, sometimes by officially denying it. It is the case of Inter e Roma.

Zhang, owner of Inter. Photo Source: Corriere dello Sport

Zhang’s Inter and the Oaktree issue

On the Nerazzurri side of Milan the situation is not at all simple: Oaktreethe investment and asset management company to which the Inter management turned, granted a loan of 275 million a Zhang, with an interest rate of 12%. The debt, to date, is therefore 385 million euros and there has never been proof or even an intention to pay it. The reason, according to many experts, can only be one: that of a handover at the top of Inter, with the Oaktree company which could become the new owner of the club. For now only fantasies, but also at the end of 2023 La Repubblica had spoken of an Arab interest, precisely from Qatar, towards Simone Inzaghi’s team. A club that, if it continues like this, can only increase in price but also in charm.

The Friedkins during the Conference League celebrations. Photo Source: breaking latest news

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Rome issue, the Friedkins make a clean sweep

A bit like when you have to sell a house, the tenants leave, the old furniture is removed, the ones you don’t think you’ll use anymore, the ones that maybe allow you to save something. This is what the Friedkins seem to be doing in Rome, having greeted not only the General Director in recent days Tiago Pintowho resigned, but also the coach Jose Mourinho, exonerated. A radical change in technical management which was accompanied by a mini revolution also in the depths of management: from the scouting department to communications, from long-time collaborators to simple managers. A clean sweep in which only the CEO seems to find space, at least for the moment Lina Souloukou. She was the architect of the partnership with Riyadh Season, she is the one who led the search for the new sports director. Is it always you who manages the club’s transfer relations? The Arab sirens, near Trigoria, have never stopped sounding. Although, for now, there has been no official step.

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