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The electoral calendar was established for popular, internal or inter-party consultations – news

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The electoral calendar was established for popular, internal or inter-party consultations – news

The Attorney General’s Office, through the Delegate for Criminal Finances, launched an investigative and judicial offensive that allowed the identification and presentation before guarantee control judges of 29 alleged members of networks dedicated to hiding the illicit resources of the ‘ Clan del Golfo’, ‘Los Pachelly’, ‘Los Triana’, ‘Los Chatas’ and ‘El Mesa’, which threaten the security of the people of Antioquia.

Network at the service of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ is evident

A prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against Money Laundering revealed nine people who were part of an organization accused of carrying out different commercial maneuvers to give the appearance of legality to the money that the extradited leader of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ Carlos Antonio Moreno Tuberquia, alias Nicolás, obtained money from transnational drug trafficking.

The possible members of this illegal network would have lent their names to establish companies related to the construction and real estate, tourism and hotel sectors, personnel administration and consulting services. In this way, apparently, they laundered more than 80,025 million pesos between 2014 and 2023.

During the course of the investigation, it was proven that those allegedly involved did not have the financial capacity nor did they carry out stable economic work to justify the million-dollar transactions and movements attributed to them.

In that sense, the Prosecutor’s Office charged them, according to their possible participation in the events, with the crimes of money laundering, illicit enrichment of individuals and conspiracy to commit a crime.

At the end of December 2023, prosecutors from the Specialized Directorate for Extinction of Property Rights imposed precautionary measures of suspension of dispositive power, embargo, kidnapping and taking possession of 1,320 assets, commercially valued at more than 420,000 million pesos, which would belong to this criminal organization.

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The occupation proceedings were carried out in Bogotá; Pereira (Risaralda); Medellín, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Guarne and Puerto Triunfo (Antioquia); Cartagena (Bolívar); Sogamoso and Sutamarchán (Boyacá); Lérida, Guamo and Ibagué (Tolima); Andalusia (Valle del Cauca), Subachoque, Chía and El Rosal (Cundinamarca); Orocué, Yopal and Paz de Ariporo (Casanare); and Cubaral and Acacías (Meta).

11 notable members of ‘El Mesa’ fall

The Prosecutor’s Office achieved the prosecution of 11 alleged members of the criminal organization ‘El Mesa’, a network involved in homicides, drug trafficking, extortion, displacements and forced disappearances in Bello (Antioquia); and some municipalities of Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Sucre and Vaupés.

These are Ana Milena Vallejo Vanegas, María Nora Alba Echeverri Vallejo, Jessica Alejandra Uribe Vallejo, Erika Viviana Zabala Bastidas, Lida Patricia Arias Quintero, Leonel De Jesús Escobar Escobar, Jully Andrea Vallejo Valencia, Jaime Alberto Vallejo Alarcón, Heivi Mariana Vallejo Isaza and Blanca Inés Vallejo Alarcón, who were captured in different points of Antioquia.

Joining this group is Jorge De Jesús Vallejo Alarcón, alias Vallejo or El Doctor, the alleged main ringleader of ‘El Mesa’, who remains deprived of his liberty in a prison and is serving a 14-year prison sentence; and Liliana María Valencia Loaiza, against whom an Interpol blue notice was issued.

These people, apparently, turned to relatives, some of them minors and elderly adults, to title assets that would have been acquired with money resulting from the illicit activities of ‘El Mesa’. Due to these events, a prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against Money Laundering charged them, according to their alleged individual responsibilities, with crimes such as money laundering and illicit enrichment.

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Source: Attorney General’s Office

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