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Shuangseqiu 21133: First Prize Special Prize 9 Note 10.42 million prize pool 994 million_First Prize

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Original title: Shuangseqiu 21133 Issue: First Prize Special Prize 9 Note 10.42 million prize pool 994 million

The China Welfare Lottery Shuangseqiu game has the 2021133 draw, which is the third prize distribution of the 1.2 billion yuan Shuangseqiu event this year.Current double color ballThe red ball numbers are 01, 03, 12, 19, 27, 31The basketball number is 10

9 notes first prize special prize over 10.42 million 6th prize double prize over 8.06 million notes

The first prize of the two-color ball in the current period is 12, and the single bet has a prize of more than 7.46 million yuan. The first prize of this 12 bet is 8 places: Jilin 1 bet, Heilongjiang 1 bet, Zhejiang 1 bet, Jiangxi 3 bet, Hunan 1 bet, Guangdong 1 bet, Shaanxi 2 bets, Ningxia 2 bets, a total of 12 bets. Among them, 9 bets are the first prize special prize, and the single bet bonus is more than 10.42 million yuan (including the prize of 2.96 million yuan). These 9 first prize special prizes will be paid in 6 places: Heilongjiang 1 bet, Zhejiang 1 bet, and Jiangxi 3 bets, Hunan 1 bet, Guangdong 1 bet, Ningxia 2 bet.

In the current second prize, 171 bets were drawn, and the single bet amounted to more than 210,000 yuan.

In the current period, Shuangseqiu’s sixth prize draws more than 12.8 million bets, of which more than 8.06 million bets are eligible for the prize, and the sixth prize doubles prize. The winning amount is 10 yuan per bet (including the prize of 5 yuan).

The current red ball number ratio is 3:3, the three-zone ratio is 2:2:2; the parity ratio is 5:1. Among them, the red ball has a heavy number 01; three diagonal numbers 03, 19, and 27; a set of odd number 01 and 03; one interval number 19; and the blue ball has 10 numbers.

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The prize pool is more than 994 million yuan. The next first prize is a special prize of more than 25 million yuan. The sixth prize is doubled and the bonus balance is 547 million yuan.

The current national sales volume was more than 511 million yuan. After counting the prizes, the prize pool of the two-color ball is more than 994 million yuan.

The first prize special prize of RMB 26.67 million in the current period was all sent out.

According to the award rules, after the end of this period of prize calculation, there are still 17 sessions of Shuangseqiu’s 1.2 billion yuan prize distribution. The remaining amount of the first prize special prize is more than 425 million yuan, and the remaining amount of the sixth prize doubled prize is More than 547 million yuan.

Shuangseqiu No. 2021133 Lottery Number Announcement

Shuangseqiu No. 2021133 draw area announcement

The prize-giving activity is in full swing

Can get double luck

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