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Sports Weekly Gong Ke: Curling mixed doubles is worth looking forward to expecting women’s ice to be more aggressive – yqqlm

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Original title: Sports Weekly Gong Ke: Curling mixed doubles is worth looking forward to, expecting women’s ice to be more aggressive

The Beijing Winter Olympics are about to open, and competitions in curling, ice hockey and other events have already started ahead of schedule. Today, Gong Ke, a reporter from the front of Sohu Sports Connection Sports Weekly, asked her to introduce some of the relevant events.

Sohu Sports: Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi defeated Switzerland and Australia in mixed doubles curling. How do you think they played?

Gong Ke: First of all, what I want to say is that although the time to separate Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi is not very long, in these two games, I can feel their overall atmosphere is very relaxed. Relatively speaking, the Swiss team in the first match was difficult to play. The opponent was the runner-up of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, but the Chinese team played very patiently. Although Fan Suyuan made some mistakes in the last shot in the fifth and sixth innings, they didn’t get impatient because of it, but they controlled the situation well, especially in the extra innings. If you watch the game, you should think that there are many good goals in this game. Overall, I think the two of them played the ball very well. Against Australia this morning, the opponents were not particularly strong. We still caught the mistakes of the Australian team and played well as a whole. After watching these two games I have more confidence in their prospects.

Sohu Sports: As Mr. Gong said, the two teenagers only started pairing as partners three months ago, and the cooperation time is very short. The Australian and Swiss athletes are very experienced veterans. We actually have no advantage in this regard, but in the final game data presented, we can see that the accuracy of the two teenagers’ shots is very high, even more stable than the veterans. What do you think we have done in training to achieve this effect?

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Gong Ke: I also asked Ling Zhi this question when I was in the mix yesterday. Ling Zhi said that although they were not regular partners before, the mixed doubles pairs were all trained by the same coach, so they worked together. It’s not as difficult as we thought, just need to adapt to each other’s temper. I think this is actually a good thing for them, because the new partners will have a longer break-in period at first, but their break-in period will be shorter. Another thing I want to say is that although curling is a project that values ​​experience, a new combination on the court will make opponents feel unfamiliar, which is relatively beneficial to them.

Sohu Sports: What do you think of the overall situation of curling? Including the subsequent four-person curling, how is the preparation of the Chinese team?

Gong Ke: In mixed doubles, although we have not participated in international competitions before, the two games seem to be in good shape. Of course, the fight against Sweden tonight, including the fight against Canada in the future, is a tough fight. I think everyone can expect better results from them. At the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Wang Rui and Ba Dexin were already very close to the podium, but they didn’t stand up in the end. Yesterday, Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi said that their goal is to stand on the podium. We can have such expectations, but at the same time, don’t forget that this is a very young pair. There will be some twists and turns in the future. of.

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As for the men’s team and the women’s team, I think it is necessary to lower expectations a little bit, because the two teams that participated in the World Championships last year were basically based on the two teams from this Winter Olympics. Their performance at that time In fact, it is not particularly good, and the ranking among all participating teams is not particularly high, so in this Winter Olympics, I hope that the Chinese team can create difficulties for some strong teams, or play some more exciting games. . As for the ranking, I don’t have particularly high expectations, and of course I hope they have made breakthroughs.

Sohu Sports: Now, please talk about the ice hockey game. The Chinese women’s ice hockey team played against the Czech Republic this afternoon and lost 1-3 to their opponents. How do you think the girls played?

Gong Ke: This game is quite meaningful for Chinese women’s ice hockey, because we are returning to the Winter Olympics after 12 years. This game is also our first time on the international arena since 2019. On, at the beginning I thought the girls were playing a little bit tight, and our coach also mentioned this in an interview after the game.

Sohu Sports: What do you think the team should learn from the Danish team tomorrow?

Gong Ke: The team should have a more fighting mentality. I personally feel that there is more defense in today’s game, so I hope to play more aggressively tomorrow. After all, in this kind of ball game, defending all the time means you’re in a passive environment. So it is said that the next game needs to better show offense and try to avoid some defensive mistakes like today, which is more important.

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Sohu Sports: What are the different horses in the venues of this Winter Olympics? Is there any thoughtful service or interesting things?

Gong Ke: I was at Ice Cube last night. I went to Shouti this morning, then to Wukesong, and then back to MMC. Since last time I went to Ice Cube it was still Water Cube, this time I found it turned into a very nice curling venue. When I interviewed Fan Suyuan yesterday, she also said that she did not expect this venue to change so well. She also said that the quality of the ice was very good. The Wukesong Sports Center has now become a very professional ice hockey arena. As for the main media center, it is my stronghold. It is very spacious and has some space for me to do video connections. One of the things I liked very much was that as soon as I entered the gate of MMC, there was a huge mascot hanging from the ceiling, and I took several selfies in that position yesterday.

Sohu Sports: What about the atmosphere in the venue? I saw that there were still spectators cheering for the Chinese athletes in these games.

Gong Ke: Yes, the atmosphere in the venue is really good. Just like in the curling game yesterday, as long as the Chinese team performed well, the audience would applaud enthusiastically. They are actually very good at watching games, and they only applaud when they perform well at key moments. This makes me feel very impressed. (Sohu Sports Li Boxu)Return to Sohu, see more


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