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Stefano Tacconi improves, his son ‘I will take him to the stadium’ – Football

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Stefano Tacconi improves, his son ‘I will take him to the stadium’ – Football

(ANSA) – BARI, JUNE 22 – He continues to improve surrounded by the affection of his family and the many people who love him. Since yesterday evening he has been hospitalized in the Casa Rilievo della Suffiere hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo, where he will continue his rehabilitation until September. The former goalkeeper of the national team and Juventus, Stefano Tacconi, more than a year after the cerebral hemorrhage that struck him during a charity event, sending him into a coma, confirms himself as a champion in his life too. And his son Andrea, in a conversation with ANSA, explains that the dream, as soon as possible, is to “take him to the stadium for a tour of the field, so at least say hello to all the people who have been close to him in this period”.

Tacconi, 66, “is very determined”. And to support him on his journey towards total recovery there are “millions of people from abroad too: friends, fans, former footballers – underlines Andrea – with an incredible affection that we didn’t expect and that helps us a lot”.

The goals achieved are remarkable: “He always walks with support, but he’s improved a lot. Lately – his son tells me – he said to me ‘I’ve had a bad time’, he understood that what he had was serious”. And the fact that he’s a sportsman is certainly helping him: “Being used to training helps him face rehabilitation.

Even the doctors – reports Andrea – say that his fortune is that he has always played football, his physique is different from that of the other patients. It will take some time, but he’s putting his good will into it like when he used to play”. As for the decision to come to Puglia, after the treatments given to Don Gnocchi in Milan, it is his wife Laura who explains that “the choice to be here, in the hospital of Padre Pio, was strongly desired by Stefano and my family for the bond that has always united us. We are aware that for Stefano it was the best decision. The journey will still be long but being in this place gives us a lot of strength and a lot of courage”. (ANSA).

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