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Successful Implementation of the First Sports Publicity Week in China: Promoting Fitness, Spreading Sports Culture, and Strengthening the Rule of Law in Sports

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China’s newly revised “Sports Law of the People’s Republic of China” will take effect on January 1, 2023. As a part of the new legislation, the week of National Fitness Day on August 8 each year has been designated as Sports Publicity Week. This year, from August 7-13, China celebrated its first sports publicity week.

The main objective of the sports publicity week is to promote the high-quality development of the sports industry and contribute to the creation of a strong sports country and a healthy China. Various activities were organized throughout the country, focusing on spreading sports culture, promoting fitness for all, and displaying work achievements.

The media played a key role during this week, with numerous news reports and self-media disseminations related to Sports Publicity Week and National Fitness Day. By utilizing the “Media+” model and integrating online and offline platforms, the total number of news reports and social media posts related to this event surpassed 410,000.

One of the highlights of the sports publicity week was the emphasis on popularizing the newly revised sports law and promoting the concept of the rule of law in sports. Legal education programs were conducted across the country to ensure that the new laws were deeply rooted in the minds of the people. Activities such as question-and-answer competitions, lectures, and training sessions were organized to educate athletes, coaches, and the general public on the importance of compliance with the law in sports.

The sports law popularization efforts also targeted adolescents, with sports recitation speech competitions and educational activities held in schools and training institutions. These initiatives aimed to raise awareness of the rule of law among young people and promote the values of fair competition and clean sportsmanship.

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National Fitness Day, which falls on August 8, marked the culmination of the sports publicity week. More than 24,000 national fitness events were organized across the country, with over 6.5 million people directly participating. The State Sports General Administration set up main venues for theme activities in various provinces, playing a leading role in promoting fitness for all.

Different regions organized diverse and creative activities to meet the diverse fitness needs of the masses. For example, Sichuan lowered the main venue to townships, organizing activities such as children’s basketball, Qiang dance, Tai Chi, and boxing exercises, while Shanghai focused on exploring sports training facilities and promoting the sharing of competitive sports achievements.

Furthermore, the sports publicity week emphasized the importance of active health. Many provinces and cities established active health education systems and organized summit forums on the integration of sports and health. These initiatives aimed to create a society-wide awareness of the importance of staying active and maintain good health.

The successful implementation of the sports publicity week demonstrates China’s commitment to the development of sports and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The newly revised sports law, along with the various activities organized during this week, will lay a solid foundation for the construction of a sports power and the well-being of the Chinese people.

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