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Sudirman Cup national feather semi-final match South Korea and Malaysia upset Indonesia beats Indonesia to enter the semifinals_Malaysian team

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Original Title: Sudirman Cup National Feathers Semifinal Game South Korea and Malaysia upset Indonesia beats Indonesia to enter the semi-finals

In the early morning of October 2nd, Beijing time, the 2021 Badminton Sudirman Cup mixed team competition ended the quarter-finals in Vantaa, Finland. The top-seeded Chinese team defeated Denmark 3-2 to advance to the semi-finals. South Korea, also in the upper half, eliminated Thailand 3-2. At 15:00 Beijing time today, the Chinese and South Korean teams will compete for the top half of the finals. The last runner-up and second-seeded Japanese team defeated Chinese Taipei 3-1. Indonesia lost 2-3 to the Malaysian team. In the first men’s doubles, Indonesia’s Minions combination Gideon/Sukamuyo Losing to Xie Dingfeng/Su Wei 0-2, the Malaysian team has reached the Su Cup semi-finals for the second time in team history after 2009.

South Korea 3-2 Thailand

The quarter-finals and the battle between China and Denmark started at the same time. Due to the fierce competition in the fifth women’s doubles, this match ended a little later than the battle between China and Denmark. Thailand’s overall strength is not weak. It lost 2-3 to the Chinese team in the group stage and scored 2 points from the Chinese team in the men’s doubles and men’s singles. Prior to this Sudirman Cup, the Thai team had reached the semi-finals three times in the last four Sudirman Cups since 2013.

In the first mixed doubles game, the new combination of Su Cup four-time champion Jin Yuanhao/Kong Xirong lost to Dechapo/Sha Xili 9-21, 17-21. In the second men’s singles game, South Korea’s “Momota killer” Xu Yeonhee played against Thailand’s Kunlavut. In the first game, Xu Yexi won 21-16. In the second game, Kunlavut evened the game 21-7. In the deciding game, Kunlavut was in a 17-12 lead and eventually lost to his opponent 20-22.

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In the third women’s singles game, South Korea’s An Xiying defeated Li Meihua 21-18, 21-3. In the subsequent men’s doubles match, the South Korean team Choi Seokyu/Seo Seung Jae lost 18-21, 22-24 to Su Bai/Gidinupong. In the fifth women’s doubles match, South Korea’s Lee So-hee/Shin Seung-chan narrowly defeated Joan Capan/Sasiri 2-1. The overall strength of the South Korean team has declined compared with previous years. Guoyu still has obvious advantages in mixed doubles, women’s singles and women’s doubles against South Korea. Men’s doubles and men’s singles can also play against South Korea.

Japan 3-1 Chinese Taipei

The second-seeded Japanese team in the tournament will face Chinese Taipei in this round. Since 2015, the Japanese team has reached the semi-finals three times in a row, including two runner-ups in 2015 and 2019. This time they can beat the Chinese Taipei team 3-1, which shows that the overall strength of the team is indeed quite competitive in the current world badminton.

In the first men’s doubles match, Japan’s Koga Hui/Saito Taiichi lost 0-2 to Li Zhehui/Yang Boxuan. In the second women’s singles, Akane Yamaguchi defeated Bai Yupo 2-0. In the subsequent men’s singles game, Kento Momota, ranked number one in the world, defeated the world ranking 21-16, 19-21, 21-17 after 82 minutes of fierce battle. 11th place Zhou Tiancheng. In the subsequent women’s doubles match, the new combination of Japan’s Matsumoto Mayou/Matsutomo Misaki defeated Xu Yaqing/Hu Lingfang 21-17, 21-8. The fifth mixed doubles game was Yuta Watanabe/Arisa Higashino vs. Lu Jingyao/Zhang Jinghui. Since the Japanese team had scored 3 points in advance to seal the victory in the first four games, this mixed doubles failed.

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Indonesia team 2-3 Malaysia team

Before the game, the Indonesian team made a high-profile announcement, eager to win the Sudirman Cup home, but they unexpectedly lost 2-3 to the Malaysian team in the quarterfinals and missed the subsequent game. Although the Malaysian team is also a well-known badminton team in the world, it has only entered the top four in the 2009 Su Cup. At that time, the team had world-class star Li Zongwei. However, the Malaysian team met the Chinese team in the semi-finals, Lin Dan 2. -0 swept Li Zongwei to help the Chinese team advance to the final, and finally the Chinese team defeated the South Korean team to win the championship again.

In this unpopular battle, the Indonesian team had an accident in the first men’s doubles. World No. 1 Sucamyo/Gideon lost 0-2 to No. 8 Su Wei/Xie Dingfeng. The score was in two rounds. For 21-12, 21-15. In the second women’s singles Indonesia’s Maresca defeated Chisona 2-1, and the third men’s singles Malaysia’s Li Zijia defeated Jin Ting 21-11, 21-16 in just 44 minutes. In the women’s doubles competition, Indonesia’s Shinco Olympic champion Li/Rahayu won the first game 22-20, and was equalized by the opponent 17-21 in the second game. In the final game, he defeated Chen Kangle 21-18. /Tina.

The fifth mixed doubles game became the final key battle. The Indonesian team played Jordan/Merati, ranked 4th in the world, and the Malaysian team was Xu Bangrong/Xie Yiqian, ranked 27th in the world. Xu Bangrong/Xie Yiqian took the lead in the first game 21-19. In the second game, the Indonesian combination tied the game 21-9. Xu Bangrong/Xie Yiqian won 21-16 in the deciding game. In this regard, the Malaysian team upset 3-2 to overturn the first Soviet Cup champion Indonesia team, the second time in the history of the team to reach the semi-finals of the Sudirman Cup. In the semifinals, Malaysia will face the second-seeded Japanese team. (Red)

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Semi-final match (Beijing time)

15:00 China VS South Korea

21:00 Malaysia VS JapanReturn to Sohu to see more


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