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Suo Shuai coaching review: the name of the legendary defeat in three years_Solskjaer

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Original title: Suo Shuai coaching review: the name of the legendary defeat in three years

Even with the support of Sir Alex Ferguson, even with Manchester United DNA, Solskjaer will never escape the fate of being fired. With Manchester United’s 1-4 away defeat to Watford last weekend, the club’s senior management decided after careful consideration to terminate the contract with Solskjaer in advance and appoint Carrick as the interim coach of the Red Devils. From becoming Manchester United coach on December 19, 2018, to his dismissal on November 21, 2021, Solskjaer spent 1068 days in the position of the Red Devils. For almost three years, the Norwegian has gone from a super substitute in the Dream Theater. The rat crossing the street that everyone shouted, almost defeated the legendary name. When Solskjaer was fired, Sohu Sports reviewed his Manchester United career.

Suo Shuai was in danger and was ordered to turn the tide

On December 16, 2018, it was a shameful day for Manchester United. The then coach Mourinho led the team at Anfield Stadium, but suffered a humiliating defeat. The Portuguese faced offensively powerful Liverpool and reclaimed the three-lane bus. , The result is that the opponent shot 36 times in 90 minutes of the whole game, and finally lost 1-3. The defeat in this game put Manchester United 19 points behind the top of the Premier League in the 17th round. The Manchester United executives could not bear to fire Mourinho, and at the same time contacted Solskjaer, who was coaching at the Norwegian club Molde. On December 19 of the same year, Manchester United’s former super bench returned to Old Trafford as a coach, shouldering the burden of reviving the Red Devils.

As the saying goes, changing the coach is like changing the knife. Solskjaer quickly reversed the trend of Manchester United’s decline, leading the team in the Premier League away 5-1 sweeping Cardiff in his first show, and made a good start. Immediately afterwards, Solskjaer led Manchester United to 8 consecutive victories in all competitions, making the Red Devils the most eye-catching team during the Christmas season in the Premier League. Solskjaer coached Manchester United’s first 17 matches and only lost one. That was a 0-2 home loss to Paris Saint-Germain in the first round of the Champions League 1/8 final, but the Norwegian responded with an opponent in the second round. 3-1, Rashford scored a penalty kick in the 90th+4 minute, helping Manchester United make a comeback and advance to the Champions League quarter-finals. At the same time, Solskjaer led Manchester United back to the top four in the Premier League.

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With 14 victories in the first 19 matches, Solskjaer, who served as Manchester United’s interim coach as a firefighter, got the chance to become regular and signed a three-year contract with the club until 2022. Since then, almost all Manchester United fans have firmly believed that the Norwegian, who has the DNA of the Red Devils, is the cornerstone of the team’s revival and the ability to compete with Liverpool and Manchester City for the Premier League championship, and look forward to the arrival of championship trophies.

Suo Shuai madly dropped the chain

champion? I think too much, starting from the day Solskjaer became a regular employee, it seems that he is destined for the next few years-crazy chain off! It’s hard to believe that after Manchester United gave Solskjaer a three-year contract, the team’s performance plummeted. In the last 10 main games of the 2018-2019 season, Manchester United only won 2 games, and the Champions League quarter-finals were doubled by Barcelona. Recently 6 games ended with 2 draws and 4 losses. Manchester United was originally ranked fourth in the Premier League and had a chance to qualify for the 2019-2020 season, but in the end only ranked sixth in the standings and only won one Europa League seat. What makes Manchester United even more humiliating is that the top five teams in the Premier League that season have achieved results, Manchester City (the Premier League champion), Liverpool (the Champions League champion), Chelsea (the Europa League champion), Tottenham (the Champions League runner-up) and Arsenal (European Cup runner-up).

In the summer of 2019, in order to meet Solskjaer’s tactical needs, Manchester United signed Maguire, Wan Bissaka and Daniel James, and signed Bruno Fernandez and Ighalo on loan in the subsequent winter window. The cost is close to 150 million pounds! After strengthening the lineup, Manchester United’s goal is naturally the Premier League title, but its strength is far inferior to Liverpool and Manchester City. Regrettably, Solskjaer’s Manchester United lost the chain again at a critical moment, losing to Manchester City 2-3 in the League Cup semi-finals, losing 1-3 to Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-finals, and losing to Chelsea in the UEFA Cup semi-finals 1- 2 Lost to Sevilla…Of course, the most important thing is that Manchester United finally won third place in the Premier League and qualified for the Champions League because of the weak closing stage of Leicester City.

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It can be said that a Champions League qualification has saved Solskjaer’s fate at Manchester United, but this is not enough to change his “temperament” of losing the chain at a critical moment. The 2020-2021 season has made countless Manchester United fans regret, Solskjaer once again disappointed the Red Devils fans. In the last two games of the Champions League group stage, they lost 1-3 at home to Paris Saint-Germain, and then lost to Red Bull Leipzig 2-3 at home. Manchester United, who suffered two consecutive defeats, finally ranked third in the group and even failed to qualify. Can only be relegated to play in the Europa League. Immediately afterwards, Manchester United was sent out by city rivals Manchester City in the League Cup semi-finals for two consecutive seasons. Fortunately, Chelsea have experienced a coaching change this season and Liverpool suffered serious injuries, which allowed Manchester United to win the Premier League runner-up. In the penultimate match of the Premier League third game, Solskjaer wanted to make it worse. In order to block his rival Liverpool from qualifying for the Champions League, he chose to play Leicester City as a substitute, and then all the main players in the Double Reds. The result was a losing streak, first at home. -2 lost to the Blue Foxes, and then lost to the Reds 2-4, which made the Red Devils a complete joke.

However, the biggest farce of Manchester United’s 2020-2021 season is the last game-the Europa League final. Faced with Villarreal, the Manchester United team was full of confidence, but after 120 minutes of the match, the two sides drew 1-1, only through a penalty shootout to decide the championship. As a result, a total of 22 players from the two teams all played in the penalty kick. Manchester United’s 11th man and 22nd player in the game, De Gea missed the penalty. Manchester United lost to Villare in a 10-11 penalty shoot-out. Yar, Solskjaer lost the closest championship trophy in the three years of coaching the Red Devils.

Continue to shame and betray the trust of Fu Jue

This summer, in order to be able to compete with Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea for the Premier League title, Manchester United once again invested more than 100 million pounds for signings. Sancho, Varane and Ronaldo followed one after another. This season, Manchester United had a good start. In the first game, they swept Leeds 5-1 at home and made a strong start. The first four rounds of the Premier League were 3 wins and 1 tie. However, starting from the first game of the Champions League group match on September 14, Manchester United’s results have taken a sharp turn. The away game was 1-2 by the Berne youngsters. After that, the League Cup away 0-1 lost to West Ham and was out, followed by 0 league games. -1 lost to Aston Villa and suffered a third-line rout. If it were not for Ronaldo’s frequent savior, Manchester United’s results would be even more ugly.

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In October, Manchester United ushered in the devil’s schedule, as a guest at the King Power Stadium 2-4 loss to Leicester City, followed by Ronaldo’s magical performance, helping the team’s Champions League home 3-2 thrilling reversal of Atalanta. But at Old Trafford and Liverpool’s double red club, the psychological defense of the Red Devils players and fans was completely defeated. Ronaldo lost his reason and played the Reds genius Jones with three legs. Manchester United fans couldn’t stand the 0-5 score. , Leaving the Dream Theater early to go home, Pogba, who came off the bench, seriously violated the Reds midfielder Keita and was sent off by a red card… It can be said that this double red will make Manchester United lose, watch at Old Trafford Stadium. The ball’s Sir Ferguson was so angry that his face turned green.

What is incredible is that Solskjaer was not fired because of the fiasco of the Double Red Society because of Sir Ferguson’s support. Therefore, this is the result of Manchester United’s 0-2 home defeat to the city’s rival Manchester City, and there is also a 1-4 away game in the Premier League where the relegation team Watford slammed. The continued humiliation and defeat forced the top management of Manchester United to make a choice, even if Sir Alex Ferguson supported him, he would have to fire Solskjaer. Obviously, Solskjaer’s 1068 days of coaching ended in a total failure, and Manchester United was in vain for another three years. From the super bench that fans love to the cross-street rats that everyone shouts and beats, Solskjaer has almost defeated his legendary name in the theater of dreams.Return to Sohu to see more


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