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That’s why if you’re outdoors you live happier and have more sex

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That’s why if you’re outdoors you live happier and have more sex

The outdoor life is a ‘must’ which we can only share 100%. Especially when someone claims that if you are outdoors you live happier and have more sex. Even in winter, even in the cold.
It is in fact proven how open spaces and nature bring great benefits to our health. Open air means light and sunlight it can be considered as an essential ‘nourishment’ for the proper functioning of our immune system and organic defenses.

That’s why if you’re outdoors you live happier and have more sex

Among the many benefits of the sun is also that discovered by some Austrian researchers who have highlighted how light solar can improve male libido as testosterone levels in men improve with vitamin D which is produced by receiving sunlight.

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The sun makes you less apathetic

Stay outside our four walls as much as possible and get rid of sunglasses when the light is not too intense to receive as many sun rays as possible, helps lift the mood, removes sadness and apathyeven improving some skin diseases.

Take the sun facilitates the synthesis of vitamin D which helps our body to better absorb calcium from the food we eat, helping to fix this mineral in our bones. The important thing is obviously avoid exposing yourself to the sun excessively and during the hours of most intense radiation. It is true that the vitamin intake is also possible by eating certain elements such as oily fish (salmon, sardines, tuna) or dairy products (milk, yogurt) and cereals enriched with vitamin D, but the best production also in terms of quantity occurs with direct exposure to the sun.

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The sun as an aphrodisiac

Research carried out by experts from the Medical University of Graz, in Austria, on a sample of 2,299 men highlighted how those who had a sufficient amount of vitamin D presented in their organism a higher level of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Testosterone, produced in the man’s testicles, and which the female body also produces but to a lesser extent, intervenes, among other functions, in the production of sperm and in levels of sexual desire.

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Summer is the “happiest” season

The Austrian researchers also verified how i vitamin D and testosterone levels in the blood undergo a marked decrease in the winter months, while increase significantly in the summer season. Reduced levels of the male hormone, which serves other key functions in both men and women such as maintaining muscle strength and bone density, can impact male libido, as well as reduce energy levels.

Scientists have found that men with at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D for every milliliter of blood they present one greater amount of circulating testosterone compared to those with lower levels of the same vitamin.
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The sun is a ‘friend’ under the sheets, but an enemy of the skin

Chemically it is already possible to increase the level of male testosterone, but these studies highlight how a healthy male who lives outdoors and with good exposure to sunlight can significantly improve one’s sexual desire staying in the sun as much as possible throughout the year.

Dermatologists, however, warn that if it is true that sun rays bring benefits in terms of libido, but also in terms of mood and state of mind, we must try to maintain the right balance in the natural production of vitamin D because a excessive exposure to the sun generates non-trivial problems such as skin cancer.
Photo Pxhere, Aosta Valley

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