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The same sports, growing together, listening to stories, and learning boxing Xi’an Newspaper Parent-Child Sports Experience Camp adds vitality to the “time-honored” boxing gym

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The same sports, growing together, listening to stories, and learning boxing Xi’an Newspaper Parent-Child Sports Experience Camp adds vitality to the “time-honored” boxing gym

The same sports, growing together, listening to stories, and learning boxing Xi’an Newspaper Parent-Child Sports Experience Camp adds vitality to the “time-honored” boxing gym

2022-07-30 21:38:27Source: Xi’an News Network

On July 30, 2022, the third phase of the Xi’an Newspaper Parent-Child Sports Experience Camp was held at the Qinshi Boxing Club located in the Tietong Building on the South Second Ring Road in Xi’an. There is no shortage of “time-honored” boxing gyms in this 24-year-old ancient city. The background and story, and the arrival of the “little monsters” who participated in the experience activities brought new vitality to the “time-honored brand”.

Behind the old photos, there is a story

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival and mid-July, the Sports Division of Xi’an Press Media Group held two consecutive parent-child sports experience camps, scientifically and safely guiding parent-child families to join the ranks of “same sports, grow together”, and also let Everyone felt the charm of sports and became the beneficiaries of “savage body and civilized spirit”.

“In the third phase of the event, we cooperated with the 24-year-old Qin Shi Boxing Club to let children and parents understand the development of boxing in Xi’an, and use the stories and actions of historical witnesses to let everyone eliminate The misunderstanding of boxing in the past, and even through listening to stories and showing off, fell in love with this fighting sport known as ‘sweet science’, and understood that boxing is the best carrier for human beings to show their greatness, dedication, bravery and strength One of them!” The person in charge of the event organizer said emotionally.

On the day of the event, Yu Zhimin, the vice chairman and secretary general of Xi’an Boxing Association, the “master” of Gucheng Boxing, was waiting for the arrival of the parent-child family in the boxing gym. In this event, Mr. Yu also told about himself and Mr. Chen Guanglin, his tutor. The precious group photo begins. In this black and white photo, the young Yu Zhimin is standing behind his teacher, while Mr. Chen is sitting at the desk in front of him. “My boxing mentor, Mr. Chen, is an all-rounder in both civil and military affairs. He passed on the principles of being a human being and his love for boxing to me, and I also want to pass the torch to you. Good boy, become an excellent boy with both civil and military skills.” These words won applause from everyone present.

Then, Mr. Yu picked up the “Tenglong Golden Belt” created by the Xi’an Boxing Association for the annual “Silk Road” boxing competition, “In the field of professional boxing, the most powerful and powerful champion won’t win a trophy. , but such a ‘gold belt’, which symbolizes the champion’s dominance at his level and his ability and domineering ability to beat the pack.” When the children expressed their admiration, Mr. Yu smiled: “If You start to learn boxing from now on, and keep working hard and fighting bravely, one day in the future, you may also win the title of boxing champion and wear the ‘golden belt’!” With the goal, the children are eager to try.

Grow together while exercising and laughing

With the theme of “Same Sports, Growing Together”, the Xi’an Newspaper Parent-Child Sports Experience Camp is the sports division of Xi’an Newspaper Media Group, which relies on the group platform to integrate multiple resources, and promotes it through the omni-media platform to create the most authoritative and influential Xi’an area. Powerful parent-child sports fitness experience activities aim to let parents teach by words and deeds, cultivate good habits of loving sports for their children from an early age, and at the same time allow parents and children to enhance family relationships and grow together through sports.

When you come to the “time-honored” boxing gym, in addition to listening to the story, watching the actual boxing match and experiencing the feeling and fun of punching are naturally indispensable links. With the order of the referee on the stage, the two boxers fought fiercely on the ring, while the children and parents under the stage watched and applauded, and learned about the boxing match under the introduction of the host. The etiquette, rules and the use of boxers’ techniques and tactics, when the bell rang and the two boxers who had just been in fierce confrontation shook hands and encouraged each other, the boxing advocated “on the stage is the opponent, off the stage is the friend” The concept is vividly displayed, and everyone in the audience understands that boxing is never barbaric. The most respected thing in boxing is not to knock down opponents, but to conquer oneself.

In the following sports experience session, interesting warm-up, rope skipping, pear ball play, basic frame and boxing teaching, parent-child interaction, hitting target practice, traditional calligraphy experience, etc. filled the gym with laughter, passion and vitality. Zhang Zihao, a second-year student of Hejiacun Primary School, had already been exposed to boxing in the school’s interest class last semester. This time, he took his mother to participate in the experience camp again, “I like boxing very much, and the coach said that I understand it. My ability is very good, I learn new moves and new techniques very fast, my father and mother also support me in learning boxing, and after praising me for learning boxing, I become braver and more confident!” It was my first time to participate in the Xi’an Newspaper Parent-Child Sports Experience Camp Wang Wen, the parent of the activity, said: “In the past, I focused more on supervising children’s learning every day, and often ignored the importance of sports to promote the healthy growth of children. Today’s activity has broadened their horizons and learned sports skills with the children. And knowledge, to be honest, has also been a fruitful ‘growth lesson’ for us parents.”

Xuan Jianjun, the inheritor of the ancient city’s “time-honored” delicacy Hairong potstickers, who has dual identities as parents of small campers and guests of this experience camp, fully affirmed and praised the success of the parent-child sports experience camp. The person in charge of the event organizer also said: “Our three parent-child sports experience activities have been able to gain a good reputation, indicating that parent-child interaction and sports experience are what this ‘fast-paced’ new era needs.” Growing together requires time to persevere and pay, time to accompany and understand, and patience to learn and master. By participating in such activities, more children and parents can understand that ‘Kung Fu’ and self-worth are achieved through ‘spending’. What can only be achieved with kung fu, our goal will be achieved.”

At the end of this experience camp, each active child received the “Excellent Camper” certificate as usual, and the outstanding young campers also received exquisite gifts from the Qinshi Club. Everyone is looking forward to the next parent-child sports experience. Reunite at camp activities.

Text/Photo by Jin Peng, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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