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those 9.6 meters of difference…- breaking latest news

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those 9.6 meters of difference…- breaking latest news
Of Paolo Tomaselli, sent to Istanbul

Manchester City looks like a perfect team, Inter in the Champions League final will try to hurt on the flanks

The crisp evening air, the good mood, the humid but perfect climate to make a very complicated mission possible. L’Inter landed at 20.02, almost at the time of sunset on the Bosphorus, where the clock is one hour ahead. But on the beautiful field ofAtaturk it could be primarily a question of space, as well as time and rhythm. On the one hand there is the City, the team that recovers the ball and restarts the action furthest from their own goal in the entire Champions League (47.8 metres). On the other hand, there is the exact opposite, that is Inter who attacks and restarts shorter than anyone else: 38.4 metres. In these 9.6 meters of difference in the heart of the pitch lies the treasure of this Cup, which Inter must try to conquer.

What makes City a more complete and stable team than the 2021 final lost to Chelsea as centre-forward: Haaland hasn’t scored in 4 games, the longest fast, but he scored 52 goals in 52 games, 12 of which in the Champions League, 1 every 63′. Since April, only two have participated in more winning actions (goals or assists) than the Norwegian, stopped at 14 (10 plus 4). And their names are Lautaro (11 pi 4) and Lukaku (9 pi 5). The Belgian has never started in 12 Champions League nights. And everything suggests that he won’t even do it on Saturday. We will have to be good at taking away some possession from them, Inzaghi said. To do that, he could raise Mkhytarian owner after 20 days, at the expense of Brozovicreporting Calhanoglu in directing. Another risk, but everything depends on the coach’s plans, who want a more mobile Inter, with or without the ball, to give fewer references and keep the ball long enough to find the right hole: Calhanoglu and Dzeko ensure more mobility, technique and imagination. Lukaku and Brozovic – holders added – are improper weapons after an hour to push more vertically.

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Let’s go back to those 9.60 meters. The guard in March was to move the central defender Stones in the midfieldparaphrasing what Cruyff did with Miguel Anguel Nadal, uncle of the tennis player Rafa, in Barcelona who (among other things) was overwhelmed by Milan in the 1994 final. With Stones so far City have never lost: safe with the ball at his feet, quick and hard to recover it. In City’s 3-2-4-1, Rodri, the on-board computer, is next to him: so far he has made 681 passes under pressure, only Verratti more than him, with an accuracy of 91.3%. In front of these two phenomena, forming a magic square there are two deadly attacking midfielders like Gundogan and De Bruyne. On the right wing there Bernardo Silvaon the left Grealishthe man who alone has run more kilometers (3.2) with the ball at his feet than the two best Interisti, Stretcher e Sticks (2.7 combined).

from outsiders comes most of Haaland’s supplies. It’s on the outside that Inter can hurt, with defensive retreats and forward escapes: after all Dimarco he has 5 assists, one less than De Bruyne. To get there you have to conquer the ball with pressing, which is not Inter’s favorite art. The mission never stoop too low, even if City don’t like three-man defenses (last knockout with Conte’s Tottenham). Inzaghi wants a short team, which takes depth away from the Norwegian shark. A balanced Inter, courageous and aware of the risks without being passive: with the changes of field between the wingers and the counterattacks of Barella and Mkhytarian, with Dzeko as an offensive director and Lautaro who throws himself into space, one can think of taking away certainties from City. And to slip into a crack in the magic square. To enter another dimension

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