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Tottenham Preview: Can Conte’s iron-fisted mode reinvigorate Kane to score goals? _Burnley_League_Conte

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Original title: Tottenham Preview: Can Conte’s iron-fisted mode reinvigorate Kane to score goals?

At 22:00 pm on November 28th, Beijing time, the 13th round of the Premier League kicked off and Tottenham challenged Burnley away.

Since Conte took office, Tottenham’s 1 win, 1 draw and a slight start, are currently ranked 7th in the league with 19 points in 12 rounds; home team Burnley has performed poorly, currently only ranked in the league with 9 points in 12 rounds. 18th place, only 1 win in 12 games in the season was accounted for.

Tottenham and Burnley have played 61 times in total. They have the upper hand with 28 wins, 16 draws and 17 losses.

Aspect 1: End the sweet period?Conte turns on the iron wrist mode

In the UEFA Cup with Slovenian team Mugla in the middle of the week, Tottenham, who activated multiple rotations, finally lost 1-2 upset, whether it was the team’s defensive mistakes, or Sessegnon’s red in the 32nd minute. It is a portrayal of the sluggish Spurs game that caused the team to play less. This also made Conte, who has always been upright, directly said after the game, “It took three weeks to finally know that Tottenham’s level is not high.”

Throughout the past week, Conte has a faint sign of turning on the iron fist mode. In addition to publicly criticizing the level of the team, he also named Ndombele needs to work harder and mentioned that the team should have more people like Kane. Just stand up and take responsibility.

This time, with the upset loss to the Slovenian underdogs brought Conte’s first defeat after taking office, he will also be more cautious in his use of people in the off-season at Burnley, and the iron-fisted mode is expected to once again come to the Premier League.

Aspect 2: Kane unlocked the status in time, can he score a goal this time?

The midweek upset has the greatest positive meaning for Tottenham, perhaps only Kane finally scored.

In the match against the Murano Cup, Kane shot from a small angle in the second half to help 10 Tottenham tie the score. This was also Kane’s first goal since Conte took office in 4 games. .

Although Kane has only scored 1 goal in the past 4 games, Conte still publicly expressed his satisfaction with Kane’s role in attacking. Obviously, he still puts his trust in the Tottenham star.

Facing the weak Burnley defense tonight, Kane, who continues to be entrusted with important responsibilities, is also expected to continue to lead Carry to complete the rare achievement of “scoring goals in a row” this season.

Highlight 3: Conte is unbeaten in 2 rounds after taking office, and Tottenham continues to attack the European theater

Although there are still obvious problems on both ends of the team’s offense and defense, their upward momentum after Conte took office is also obvious.

Tottenham, who had lost two games in a row before Conte took office, won 1 win and 1 tie after the change of coaching. The points also climbed from the middle position to seventh place. With the first game of Wolves drew with Norwich in this round, Tottenham If the underdog Burnley is successfully defeated in this game, the overtake opponent will rise to sixth in the league.

It is worth mentioning that in the next three games, Tottenham will meet with Burnley (18th), Brentford (14th), Norwich (19th) and other midstream and lower teams. Come to fight, they will also usher in a wave of the best time to grab points.

The two sides are expected to miss the list:

Burnley: Barnes (injury), Tarkovsky (suspended), Westwood (suspended), Stephens (suspected), Jay Rodriguez (suspected), Wei Della (suspicious)

Tottenham: Romero (injury), Scarlett (injury), Loscelso (injury)

Both parties are expected to start:

Burnley (442): Pope/Taylor, Ben-M, Collins, Lorton/McNair, Cook, Blowhill, Goodmondson/Cornet, Wood

Tottenham (343): Lori/Ben Davis, Davinson Sanchez, Dale/Reggie Long, Hoibel, Skip, Emerson/Sun Xingmin, Kane, Jr. LucasReturn to Sohu to see more


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