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Totti responds to divorce: ex-wife maintains inappropriate relationships with many people, I was followed + bugs were put in the car

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Totti responds to divorce: ex-wife maintains inappropriate relationships with many people, I was followed + bugs were put in the car

Original title: Totti responded to the divorce: his ex-wife maintained an inappropriate relationship with many people, I was followed + the car was put in bed bugs

Totti responds to divorce: ex-wife maintains inappropriate relationships with many people, I was followed + bugs were put in the car

Live it on September 11. Totti accepted an interview with the “Evening Post” and talked about some of the stories behind his divorce from his ex-wife Ilary Blasi, the situation of his new girlfriend Noemi, and his being followed by a private detective and having bed bugs in the car.

– All couples are similarly affected, not to mention couples like yours.This could happen to your new girlfriend too

Totti: There have been rumors about me and her in the past, but those are rumors, and facts are facts. Rumors like that make me so depressed I can’t even sleep. I pretended nothing happened, but I didn’t feel right, as if I was someone else. Thanks to Noemi (Totti’s new girlfriend).

– Do you know what people think of you? Noemi is reminiscent of Ilary (Totti’s ex-wife) a few years ago

Totti: I hadn’t thought about it at all, the fact that they’re two opposite personalities, and I don’t like comparisons.

Totti: We used to hang out as friends, and that’s how the story started after the new year. The outlet Dagospia posted a photo from December and Ilary (ex-wife) asked me to explain it.

–and then?

Totti: I denied this (cheating) and at first I didn’t tell her and the kids the truth. Although (the latter is) inevitable, I still hope to save it all. During that time, I lost a lot of weight.

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At the time, I also asked Ilary about her relationship with a man, and she denied it at first. She said she never met each other. However, she also realized that I knew about them, so she told me that she only met the guy for a cup of coffee.

We also confronted all three of Alessia, and they all denied it. In fact, I know they met back in March 2021. She’s too close to dating him and other menthese things happened before my romance with Noemi.

– But not long ago, you and Ilary lined up for a photo in the restaurant, and it was as if you were a Totti: straight couple, so have you tried to mend your marriage?

We have tried a little, but not quite. No one has ever made an effort to do this anymore. That’s not a good attempt. I know what she did, and I didn’t say anything at the time so as not to damage her image. Maybe she was tired too, because in fact the marriage was over.

– You announced your breakup at the time, with two separate statements

Totti: I would have preferred a press release that we both signed that we had tried to overcome these difficulties, but couldn’t because Ilary refused. She denied those things on TV to make sure she was okay. So, she released her own statement to argue that she tried to save the relationship and I didn’t.

——You went to a lawyer for assistance. How is the situation?

Totti: So I don’t have to go to court, I want an agreement. So I propose: we prioritize our children and leave the house to them. Then, we take turns taking care of the children, you three days and me three days. I don’t want to have kids running around Rome and the rest of Europe with suitcases. However, Ilary refused to do so. So again I propose to divide the house because it is a big place. Or use it together, nothing else: only she wants to stay in the house, that’s all. We didn’t have any more conversations after that because she and her sister went on vacation to Tanzania, which I paid for.

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– What will it be like?

Totti: Not just that. She and her father emptied the safe and took my watch collection. She didn’t even leave a promise, nothing.

– What happened to the watch?

Totti: Those were some high-value Rolex watches, and she claimed I had given them to her, but these are men’s watches… I don’t think it’s about the money, it’s her resentment.

– What else did she do?

Totti: What should I do then? I hid some bags in hopes of exchange.. (Totti laughs) But it didn’t work, it’s not over yet.

– What else is there?

Totti: There’s a private detective following meSomeone close to her put bed bugs in my carusing GPS to know where I’m going, which gives them enough time to track me, like I haven’t gotten to Noemi’s (new girlfriend’s) house, they’ve already arrived.

– In fact, Who (pop magazine) has already photographed Noemi at her house

Totti: Where is the scandal? By now, everyone knows our past. I try to live a low-key life so as not to upset the kids.

– How are the children?

Totti: I love them and they love me too. They stayed with me in Sabbadia last month: Cristian plays football, he plays as a winger, he has a lot of enthusiasm and trains with Roma every day.

Chanel has reached the age of a teenager, which is not easy, and I don’t want to see her suffer. From a very young age, they are used to seeing either their mother or father at a time. Both of us are busy with work, football games don’t have weekends…Isabel is still young, but she already knows it all because Ilary took him away from me one time…

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–what happened?

Totti: The agreement at the time was that she followed her mother in July

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