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Vanessa’s Journey: Saying Goodbye to 200 Pounds and Considering Remarrying at 41

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Vanessa’s Journey: Saying Goodbye to 200 Pounds and Considering Remarrying at 41

Looking back at Vanessa saying goodbye to her 200-pound weight, she considered remarrying at the age of 41, and participated in activities with Trey Young by her side

Gather the sports world and take you to explore the hidden lace stories behind the celebrities. This issue brings everyone back to Kobe’s widow, Vanessa.

After Kobe left, Vanessa became single again. Time flies, and Vanessa has been single for 3 years in a blink of an eye. When Kobe left, Vanessa was not yet 38 years old, but she was able to wait for Kobe for so many years, which surprised many people. After all, in Vanessa’s social circle, there are not many feelings that can remain loyal and dedicated.

Vanessa and Kobe’s marriage is a beautiful love story. They met in 2000, when Vanessa was a high school student and Bryant was an All-Star. Their relationship has been tested for many years, and finally entered the palace of marriage in 2003. They shared many important moments in their lives, including having four daughters and winning an NBA championship.

The relationship between Vanessa and Kobe has gone through many tests. At the beginning, the love between the two did not get the blessing of Kobe’s parents. Kobe’s parents believed that Vanessa was with him for Kobe’s money, and they firmly opposed their marriage. In the wedding of Kobe and Vanessa, except for Kobe’s bodyguard, the rest were all on Vanessa’s side. Neither of Kobe’s parents showed Kobe’s marriage, which shows how much they objected to Kobe and Vanessa being together.

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The Eagle County incident caused Vanessa to have a miscarriage, and the love story between Kobe and model Jesse Kabulcia made Vanessa angrily file for divorce. Trials again and again failed to separate the two. Fate, however, dealt them the hardest blow. Vanessa was devastated when Kobe and his daughter, Gianna, were tragically killed in a helicopter accident in January 2020. Under Gasol’s care, Vanessa survived that painful time.

During these three years, Vanessa has maintained her loyalty and single-mindedness to Kobe. Despite all the temptations and choices in her social circle, she never remarried or started a new relationship. This kind of loyalty and single-mindedness has made many people admire and move. After Kobe left, Vanessa got fat and her weight soared to 200 catties. When participating in the NBA All-Star event as an award presenter, Vanessa was bloated and her oval face turned into a big round face.

After discovering that she was too fat, Vanessa was also determined to lose weight. Vanessa hired her nephew as a personal trainer. After hard work, Vanessa said goodbye to her 200-jin weight. When participating in the renovation and unveiling ceremony of Wilson Park, Vanessa made a stunning appearance. She has lost a lot of weight and has become more charming.

Vanessa is very beautiful, she has an enviable figure and charming charm. Vanessa has a sweet face, with perfect facial features and exquisite makeup, people can’t help but fall in love with it. Her skin is a healthy wheat color, so fine and glossy, it’s tempting to touch. Her eyes are bright and bright, revealing her inner world and emotions.

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Vanessa’s figure is also very proud, her curves are beautiful, her breasts are plump, her waist is slender, and her lines are slender, which makes people fascinated. Her small waist and well-proportioned figure make people want to hug her. Vanessa has a very unique temperament and style. There was an air of grace and confidence in her demeanor that made one feel very comfortable and at ease.

When participating in the event, Vanessa was accompanied by NBA star Tre Young. As Kobe’s widow, Vanessa is like a sister-in-law in the NBA circle, and is very loved by young players. Vanessa is still young, and she may not always be there for Kobe. Vanessa’s friend revealed that Vanessa is actually willing to remarry, but she will not marry herself casually. If she doesn’t meet her sweetheart, she would rather be short than bad.

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