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Volleyball, A-1 women: Conegliano’s record with 74 consecutive victories. Malore Bonafede del Vallefoglia

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The Venetians overtake Trento dethrone the Vakifbank from the Guinness Book of Records for the longest streak of consecutive successes. Moments of apprehension in Scandicci for the match between Florence and the Marche club: at the beginning of the 4th set the guest coach felt ill and was taken to hospital

Conegliano-Trento 3-0 (25-13, 25-11, 25-20)

Conegliano dethrones the Vakifbank from the Guinness Book of Records by taking consecutive victory number 74 in just under two years. The panthers do not miss the opportunity to face Trentino, whose technical level has been confirmed to be well below that of the reigning champions. Santarelli has to give up Courtney, on precautionary rest due to a slight muscle strain. Bertini deploys the usual sextet and tries to force, without success with the serve. The hosts dominate against the wall and, with the return of De Gennaro, they find rhythm and speed in the construction of the game. The first two partial are merciless for the guests, who in the third try to resist the broadsides of Egonu, Folie, De Kruijf, Plummer and the careful direction of Wolosz. There is no fundamental in which Conegliano does not impose his law, also maintaining the home unbeatenness, which has lasted since March 2019 and aiming to further extend the winning streak already from Wednesday evening, always within friendly walls. The debut of the season in the Champions League will be against the Serbs of Zok Ub, qualified from the preliminary rounds. Trentino, with the seventh consecutive defeat, remains last in the ranking dominated by Conegliano.

Novara 3-0 Rome (25-23, 25-22, 25-18)

Igor Novara remains in the wake of the dominatrix Conegliano, who, even without expressing her best volleyball, overcomes a willing Acqua & Sapone Roma in three sets. Saja’s team has the merit of keeping up with the hosts for large sections of the race, but in the final set the greater technical caliber of Chirichella and her companions made the difference on time. Start in a swing for Novara, who first escapes at 4-1, then gets resumed at 8 and then engages in a tight head-to-head, with Roma making good use of the game in the center, while Igor relies above all on Karakurt and Daalderop (15-15; 19-19). A great wall by Trnkova right on the Dutchman turns the inertia of point to point, Klimets from the second makes 20-21, but two consecutive errors by Cecconello turn the situation upside down again on 22-21 and it is Hancock, with a great touch of second to conquer the first set ball. At the first attempt Karakurt closes with the winning wall on Cecconello (25-23). The start of the second set confirms the balance of the first fraction, with Rome showing great personality, dragged by Klimets, impregnable by the Novara block (10-10). What they do not produce on the wall, the Novara plants obtain in attack, where both Washington and Chirichella prove to be safe exits for Hancock. Daalderop from the second opens Igor’s break, who on 15-12 forces Saja to time out. Bosetti and Washington with two walls lengthen the partial, closed by Bugg second at 17-13. However, Karakurt also lights up and Novara runs away on 20-14, before going to close, albeit with some extra effort, on 25-22, again with the parallel of the Turkish opposite. Under two sets the Acqua & Sapone still remains well in the game and the start of the third set confirms it, with a partial 1-4, the result of three winning blocks. Rome works well in defense and keeps up to 6-10, with Lavarini forced to spend the time out. Novara struggles, however, to find continuity in attack, thanks to the great application of the Romans in defense, where they read well the trajectories of Bosetti and teammates. The shoulder is given by Bonifacio and Daalderop, who bring Igor back to minus 1 and then with a great double block they close the gap on 13 equal. Novara puts the arrow still with the wall on 15-14, Lavarini also tries to do a little turnover, changing the diagonal and inserting Herbots for Daalderop. Precisely on the Belgian’s joke, three consecutive points by captain Chirichella direct the final set (20-17). Bosetti takes care of putting the set and the game on ice, and again the captain with the ace wins the match point, transformed on the first attempt by Caterina, for the 25-18.

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Perugia-Scandicci 0-3 (21-25, 22-25, 22-25)

Clear victory of Savino Del Bene Scandicci at PalaBarton, in the presence of a Perugia orphaned by Valentina Diouf (and with Bauer remained on the bench) and often at the mercy of the Tuscans. Still, Luca Cristofani’s home team fought in each of the three sets, but in the crucial phases the highest technical rate of Massimo Barbolini’s team emerged, which thus went on to win in three sets. In the first fraction Scandicci himself had stretched up to 9-14, before the comeback from Perugia inspired by a great war (7 points in the set), which with a double ace (15-15) had given hope to reverse the trend. But then it was Pietrini (7 points in the fraction) who got into the chair and dragged her companions to success, also putting the final point on the ground with a diagonal attack (21-25). In the second set the girls of Cristofani’s house better start, still ahead until 14-12 with the Guerra (17 total points for her) protagonist, assisted by the very young Nwakalor in continuous growth. On the other hand, the former Angeloni (5 points in the set) and the ubiquitous Pietrini (6 points in the fraction) were then unleashed, which first allowed Scandicci to stretch up to 15-17 and then in the final it was Lippmann’s lob to close the games (22-25). In the third set there was an initial balance (6-6) that had also made us think of a reaction from Perugia, but then the Tuscans stretched to 10-15 and on that edge they built a success that was never put in question (even if Perugia reacted with Diop until 21-23) going to close the game with the attack of Lippmann and the final one (22-25) of Pietrini (MVP and best scorer of the match with 18 equal points by Lippmann herself).

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Florence-Vallefoglia 3-2 (15-25, 21-25, 25-13, 26-24, 15-11)

A daring match between Florence and Vallefoglia. But the sporting result takes a back seat compared to what happened on the bench of the team from the Marche. At the beginning of the fourth set, the coach Fabio Bonafede sat down, was brought some water and ended up on the ground. Moments of genuine panic around the green-and-white technician, who fell ill and was taken away from Scandicci’s PalaRialdoli in an ambulance. Fortunately, in the end, the situation turned out to be less serious than it initially appeared. Arriving at the Torregalli hospital, Bonafede stood up and gave signs of having regained consciousness: it was a strong allergic reaction that did not prevent him from returning home, by bus, with the team. An afternoon, certainly not an easy one, for the Megabox who seemed to be heading towards a beautiful, as important as an away victory and which instead ended up losing at the tie break. Strong start for the guests who won the first part of the game in the carriage thanks also to the contribution of Kosheleva and Bjelica, authors of 5 points (each). Florence can’t hold up and loses the set 15-25. In the second set, Il Bisonte tries to retire up and certainly starts better than in the first set. It goes on point by point, but the definitive break for the guests arrives at the end, with Kosheleva always on top. Reception problems on the other hand for Florence which caused difficulties in developing the game. The third set marks the recovery of the hosts. The defending percentages for the hosts increase and Belien and Sylves can finally get into the game. Sorokaite and Nwakalor on the other hand are very constant. On the other hand, there is a contextual decline in a protagonist like Kosheleva. The fourth set is that of the episode that hit Bonafede and also that of the incredible comeback of Il Bisonte. Vallefoglia finds himself above 5-1 at the time of his coach’s illness. Then she returns to the field and instead of being shaken by what happened, she even stretches up to plus seven. Except then falling under the blows of an extraordinary Nwakalor, author of 10 points in a single partial (this one). Canceled a match point at 23-24, the Italians win with the advantages 26-24 and so we go to the fifth. In the tie break then the company of the hosts is completed who bring home two precious points and remain in the wake of the greats of this championship. While there are many recriminations to be made for Vallefoglia who remains in the full relegation zone, but which at least moves the ranking with a punticino.

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Bergamo-Busto Arsizio 1-3 (25-22 20-25 23-25 ​​15-25)

Busto Arsizio makes a comeback in Bergamo coming out at a distance against an opponent who holds for three sets then collapses under the blows of heavy artillery. The values ​​emerge in the long run and draw a script that follows the tracks of logic. The impact of the orobics is devoid of any fear and, in the sign of Lanier (7 points 55%), the 8-2 is a first sign. Which turns into a groove on which the landlords build the treasure to carry on, resisting even the attempt to return the guest that stops at – 2. The reaction, as is logical, comes only after a few minutes. With Busto who detaches in the heart of the restart (13-16) and controls to the finish line dragged by a powerful Mingardi (9 balls on the ground, 61%). Having rebalanced the speech, the busts show all their technical rate by constantly maintaining the reins even with Giangrossi’s team always with their breath on their neck until they are hooked at an altitude of 22. The shot, however, is still the “butterflies” that put the arrow 23 -25. A challenge lived on the edge of equilibrium with a somewhat tough Bergamo in the presence of a contender of undoubted consistency, naturally breaks the inertia with the third period. In the fourth, in fact, Unet immediately puts the right gear (0-7) and an almost decisive stone on the full success. After an hour and a half on par. Loda and her companions give way (3-13), leaving the way free for the red and white monologue.


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