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Volleyball, SuperLega: Modena overwhelms Civitanova, Ngapeth beats Zaytsev

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Volleyball, SuperLega: Modena overwhelms Civitanova, Ngapeth beats Zaytsev

In anticipation of the 14th day, Giani’s team is perfect against the Italian champions and strengthens the second place behind Perugia

Modena overwhelms the Italian champions of Civitanova and is proposed today as the second strength of the championship. An overwhelming victory for Bruno and his companions, confirming the growth of a team that has significantly raised the level of its game. For Lube it was a bad night in all respects and where Modena’s indisputable merits end, there are so many demerits of Zaytsev and his companions.

Modena-Civitanova 3-0 (25-16, 25-21, 25-19)

There was more than one reason to attend a race with high technical and emotional content. Both returning from the failure to qualify for the Final Four of the Italian Cup, they had the opportunity to raise their heads in a very important match for the standings. And Modena reiterated the great growth, also compared to the first leg (but also to the Super Cup final four) with the chefs absolute masters of the field in those circumstances. For match number 106 between the two clubs, full of many exes (Zaytsev, Anzani and Blengini on one side, Bruno and Stankovic on the other), the Bruno-Lagumdzija diagonal was on the field from the start for Modena, with Stankovic-Sanguinetti in the center and the Ngapeth-Rinaldi couple with Rossini free. Side Lube, De Cecco-Zaytsev, Nikolov-Yant, Anzani-Chinenyeze, free Balaso. In the first set, two blocks in a row by Stankovic on Zaytsev, preceded by an attack by Rinaldi, create the first furrow with Modena who goes to +4 (7-3), an advantage that is amplified with the ace from Lagumdzija (first timeout Blengini ) and immediately after with Bruno’s wall on Nikolov. Lube has serious reception problems and Modena escapes on 11-4 (+7). Second suspension requested by Blengini on Bruno’s ace who keeps Valsa abundantly ahead (15-8). Nikolov leaves, Botolo enters; Bruno hits Yant in serve and second ace in the row, followed by the third (17-8). Lube him completely on the ropes, not just in reception and partial compromise. Yet another ace in the set with Ngapet: short ball on which no one from Lube arrives (19-9). Subtle for De Cecco and Garcia for Zaytsev enter. The storyless set ends 24-16 with Ngapeth’s attack. The second remains on the tracks of the first: Blengini returns to focus on the starting sextet, but Modena is still in command (6-2) with its certainties in attack and serve. Ngapeth’s ace (13-9) forces Blengini to call a new timeout to wake up his players. Sanguinetti’s ace too (15-10) increases Valsa’s advantage. With one hand Bruno unmarks Rinaldi for 17-11. Stankovic’s block on the Tsar sends Modena into orbit and goes to + 6. The 21-14 arrives with the baby Modena: point from Sanguinetti with Salsi, Rinaldi and Sala on the pitch. Zaytsev returns the wall to Ngapeth. Modena has a break, Lube gets closer (21-16) and Giani calls his first timeout. With Yant, the Italian champions reduce the gap to 3 in a vain attempt to reopen a one-way match so far. Another timeout from Giani who warns of danger. Lube takes care of it with its load of errors to turn on the green light for the opponents: three errors in a row by Civitanova with Nikolov, Botolo and Zaytsev deliver the second set into the hands of Modena. In the third set, Palapanini flares up at every point. Stankovic’s Muro pushes Modena ahead (9-5). Double Rinaldi and at 16-11 there’s no more history. Just Lube (Garcia on the field in place of Zaytsev) impression of having the strength to recover, punctual mistakes especially in serve. There is still glory for Sala who leads his team up 19-13. Botolo is the last to surrender. And the match ends with a two-handed push from De Cecco into the net.

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